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Weekend Getaway: Tuaran, Tamparuli and so much more

Published on 20 July 2018|
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Good for sightseeing and great for adventures!
By Louise M., Carrybeans

Whether you plan to do it solo, as a couple, with a group, or with your family, a weekend getaway in Tuaran has something for everyone. Mostly famous for its namesake noodle, the delicious Mee Tuaran, this district is also home to many places worth the visit.

Interesting and leisurely places around Tuaran

Pagoda Ling San

This 9-storey, brightly coloured pagoda is also known as The Dragon Mountain Temple. Built in 1997 as a tourist attraction, this place is a must stop especially if you are into temples and architecture. Within the compound of the temple, there are statue figures of deities and people in ancient times. Climb up the pagoda and you can see a nice view of Tuaran town or as far away as the Yayasan Sabah Building.

Tamparuli Suspension Bridge

Made famous by the Kadazandusun song Jambatan do Tamparuli and later the story of Solungkoi, this jambatan gantung is located in Tamparuli, a small town and a sub-district of Tuaran. Probably around less than 100m in length, you can walk across this bridge (or run if you dare) without fear as it is quite sturdy.

Borneo Chanteek Indigenous Museum

This is Malaysia’s 1st indigenous costume museum. The mini-museum showcases the traditional costumes from the hundreds of ethnicities and sub-ethnicities in Borneo worn by Barbie-like dolls. Houses and structures are scaled to depict scenes based on local folklore and legend. Study the intricate details of the costumes and learn a bit about the local culture.

Sabandar Leisure Rides

Also known as Cowboy Town, you can guess what to expect. Yes, horses. You can go horseback riding here or perhaps just pet and feed the gentle beasts. This place gives you a wild wild west feel and a bit like a movie set. There is a restaurant and also a mangrove walk not far from the stables.

Tuaran Crocodile Farm

You won’t believe how huge these living dinosaurs can get until you see them up close and with your own pair of eyes. Watch the nerve-wracking crocodile show or feed them some raw meat. Be careful though, they can be very sneaky. There are other animals there too so if you have kids, they would enjoy themselves.

You have a choice of staying at 2-star to 5-star accommodations around Tuaran. Depending on your budget and what you hope to get out of your weekend, the place you decide on will make a difference too.

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