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Treetop Hotels: The Hotel Trend Shaping Guest Experience

Published on 15 June 2017|
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Did you dream about living or sleeping in a treetop house when you were young? Treetop houses are becoming popular nowadays and it’s no longer a dream for children to sleep there because it has become a reality for them.

Imagine living with birds high in the forest tree-tops with stunning views of the mountains, woodlands, and scenic landscapes. Some people have allowed their imaginations run wild and achieve their dreams by building their own treetop houses. There are several treetop houses available for rent across the world and many of them are now being converted into luxury treetop hotels. Nowadays, people are becoming interested in treetop hotels to experience the beautiful moments they offer.

Keemala, Thailand | Photo Source: slh.com

According to Hotel.com, the demand for treetop hotels has increased by almost 30%. The hotel booking platform recently conducted a survey and discovered that the treetop luxury hotels are more popular than the spaceship accommodation or hotel made of gold or ice.

Guests enjoy exclusive experiences in treetop hotels around the world such as enjoying the stunning view over the rainforest in Keemala, Thailand while having monsoon showers, zip lining over the Swedish Lapland in Sweden and going for a rainforest walk in Australia.

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa – Australia | Photo Source: www.cairnsholidayspecialists.com.au

Even honeymooners now prefer treetop hotels for their romantic secluded honeymoon getaway with ultimate privacy in a lush woodland setting. CEOs and executives who are looking to go off-the-grid prefer to treetop hotels for relaxation and to experience a genuine sense of togetherness with nature. This is the kind of place where you can think about those million-dollar ideas when you sit in quietness while staring over the treetops.

According to Hotels.com, here are the top 10 treetop hotels:

  • Keemala – Thailand
  • Tree Hotel – Sweden
  • Azulik – Adults Eco-Resort & Maya Spa, Tulum – Mexico
  • Four Seasons Resort – Costa Rica
  • Tsala Treetop Lodge, Plettenberg Bay – South Africa
  • Japamala Resort, Tioman Island – Malaysia
  • Aqua Wellness Resort – Nicaragua
  • Silky Oaks Lodge Mossman – Australia
  • Eureka Springs Treehouses – USA
  • Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa – Australia

There is nothing as amazing as watching the sunrise over the mountains from your treetop room window or balcony or hiking down the rain-forest to enjoy the ravishing nature scene.

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