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These Malaysia Beaches Are Simply Stunning

Published on 25 June 2017|
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Clear blue crystal like waters with white sandy beaches are one of the features  that Malaysia beaches has and it some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia.  We have listed down 6 of them that are the most pretty and favoured by many for you to enjoy on your visit to Malaysia. Here goes!

Tioman Island

 Photo Source: Themalaysiantimes.com.my

The place is basically heaven for all the divers and snorkelers. There are numerous coral reefs to the northern part of the island, and colourful fish can be seen from the shore. The water is all clean, and you will lose track of time when you get here. To prolong your time here, you can stay a few nights too in the reasonably priced hotels all around this popular island.


Pulau Redang

Photo Source: Goasiaplus.com

This is one of the most beautiful beaches found on the east coast of the region. The local folks at this island are friendly and will help you do some productive fishing as well because they have been doing it for generations. The beach is particularly famous for its dive sites and the clarity of water which attracts you to spend the most time there. Nearby there is also a fishing village where you can have some tea and snacks.


Pulau Rawa

The place is heaven with long sandy beaches and crystal clear water. It is like a total package because it entertains people of all interests whether you want to spend some quiet time, do adventurous cliff diving or traditional fishing with the locals. What makes it amazing is that it hasn’t been a target of human polluting and therefore the natural beauty of it is still preserved.


Perhentian Kecil Island Beach

Photo Source: Buburesort.com

The beach is located about 21 km away from the Terengganu coast and is nearby to the famous Palau Redang marine park. It is an amazing option for diving and snorkelling. Scuba diving gives a unique experience because of the crystal clear water which lets you see the underwater creatures and admire their beauty. You can even go for deep sea fishing with the help of some local fishermen and get your hands on a good catch.


Mantanani Island beach

 Photo Source: Palmbeachmantanani.com

Going to this beach is surely going to be a fun time because at first, you will have to take a 2-hour road trip from Kota Kinabalu and then an hour’s speedboat drive to finally reach the Island beach. You will enjoy your time admiring the sea life under the deep blue waters that give shades of blue and green.


Mataking Island beach

Photo Source: Audleytravel.com

The island is made up of two islands and is similar to the fantasy beaches that we see in movies. Walking on this beach alone for hours is satisfying and relaxing that nothing else seems more important. However, deep sea diving is also a great activity here.

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