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Grab a travel buddy and go on a short road trip

Published on 22 June 2018|
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Play your favourite music, wind down the car windows, and enjoy the drive.

By Louise M, Carrybeans

To some people, driving is a form of therapy. But with the traffic jams and drivers with a Kopi-O license, how in the world could that possibly be therapeutic? Well, that’s why you need to take a leisurely drive heading out of town.

Enjoy the drive and stop for a good meal or a quick walkabout, or perhaps take some time to see what your destination has to offer.

Places to visit less than two hours away Kota Kinabalu


Mahua Waterfall | Credit: Murphy Ng

The district’s abundance of greeneries, scattered with terraced padi fields and dense forests of bamboo, make the valley’s untouched nature so enchanting.  Being part of the Crocker Range, it has a mild tropical climate all year round.

Driving distance and duration: 74.6km, 1 hour 37 mins

What to see and do: Learn a bit of history at The Mat Salleh Memorial located in the middle of paddy fields at Kampung Tibabar. Witness the beauty of nature and be surrounded by beautiful butterflies at Kipandi Butterfly Park. Take a dip in the cool waters of Mahua Waterfall. Noted for its quality, have a sip of Tambunan’s lihing and tapai, or rice wine.



Beaufort Mee | Credit: thehungryexcavator

Named after the former British Governor Leicester Paul Beaufort, this town was a scene of important battlegrounds between the Japanese and Australians during World War II. The town centre is small enough for you to go around on foot and perhaps find some hidden treasures. Although there are not many travellers here, those who are on their way to Padas River for white-water rafting usually make a stop.

Driving distance and duration: 96.6km, 1 hour 45 mins

What to see and do: Visit the Beaufort tamu, or weekly market, held every Friday and Saturday. You can find local produce such as the many selections of local fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and live poultry. Sample the famous Beaufort Mee, a noodle dish served either dry or with a bit of gravy.


Kuala Penyu

Batu Luang Beach | Credit: explorasa.cari

A small town made up of a few rows of shops. Although there’s nothing much happening in the town itself, this is the starting point for many other nearby places of interest.

Driving distance and duration: 107km, 1 hour 53 mins

What to see and do: Take a stroll along the sandy beaches of Sawangan Beach or admire the natural beauty of Batu Luang Beach. Watch the beautiful sunset.

Since you’re only about 2 hours away from KK (depending on traffic and the speed you’re driving), you could turn this day trip into an overnight stay. So, pack for the night just in case and explore.

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