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Stunning Landscapes: 5 Beautiful Rice Terraces in Asia

Published on 02 December 2017|
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Did you know that rice terraces all over the world boast stunning landscapes, and each have their own unique characteristics?

Rice terraces are mesmerising fields that unfold behind the mountains, where the grass grows and you’re left in awe of the beauty of it all. These rice terraces not only vary in terms of landscaping, but there is a quite a perceptible difference in terms of their colours,  sizes, and architecture.

Intrigued? (Well, we sure are!)

Read here to know more about the stunning rice terraces around the world.

Yuanyang Terraces, Yunan Province, China

Rice Terraces

Credit: Ease My Trip

This monumental rice terrace was created by the communities of the Hami and Yi tribes, and is simply breathtaking.

Known as one of the artistic masterpieces throughout the world (and acknowledged by UNESCO), it is still a home to these tribes, and their villages are mainly found between 1300 to 1600 meters above the sea level.

Sa Pa Terraces, Vietnam

Rice Terraces

Credit: Ease My Trip

Located in the North West of Vietnam, the Sa Pa terrace is the base to begin any kind of trek in the area.

Haven to various local communities such as Dao, Hmong, Tay, and Giay, this region of Vietnam will definitely make an unforgettable memory.

Hamanoura, Japan

Popular for its stunning rice terraces, Hamanoura reflects the beauty of the lush green fields as the sun sets and spreads its rays over the water bodies around.

Hoshitogua Tanada, Japan

Rice Terraces

Credit: Ease My Trip

Hoshitogua Tanada, Japan is the region that produces the most rice in the country. Famous for its endless layers of green and glossy waters, this magical place is a must-visit.

Visit this terrace in early winter to witness the mysterious appeal that fog imparts to the fields.

Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

Known as the “National Cultural Treasure” of the Philippines, these rice terraces impress both locals and visitors with their fluidity and graceful motion. Hand-carved into the mountains of Northern Luzon 2,000 years ago,  these terraces lie 5,000 feet above sea level.

If you ever head to the northern part of the Philippines, do check these out.

Aren’t they all worth a visit?

Which rice terrace are you going to include on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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