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12 Reasons to Love Living in George Town, Penang

Published on 02 June 2017|
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Many have visited George Town on vacation and have never gone back. No wonder the thriving metropolis has developed amazingly all through these years. The moment you fall for George Town; you fall very hard.

Everyone falls for George Town’s rich cultural tapestry and stunning attractions at the first glance. However, those who get to know the capital city discover that there’s more to it than its culture and traditions. Being one of the largest cities in Malaysia, Penang’s capital is home to amazing people of several cultural influences. Due to its multicultural heritage, the city has become a popular tourist destination in Asia and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Recognised as the most liveable city in Malaysia and 8th most liveable city in Asia in 2012, George Town is a stunner smothered with interesting things to do and see. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to wake up in this gorgeous historic town with unique dining and shopping experience? You’ll love living in George Town. The city has numerous advantages that just might change your life in every great way. Here are some reasons to love living in George Town, Penang:

1. A Multi-Cultural Melting Pot

culture - Housing - reasons to love living in George Town, Penang

Georgetown is full of a variety of cultures, traditions, and communities. Many of its residents were born outside the city. So, whether you’re from Singapore or Saturn, you’ll find your brother or sister here, and most likely, a restaurant serving your favourite local food. If you are moving to live here, you neighbour may be from your hometown – you never know.

2. Old Georgetown Streets

Old Georgetown Streets - reasons to love living in George Town, PenangPhoto Source: Findingbeyond.com

Old Georgetown is a popular tourist scene located close to the old docks, in the heart of the city. The streets feature a wide range of colourful traditional and colonial architectural styles that will delight you. Dominated by upscale shopping complexes, Chinese manor houses, artsy department store, lively pubs, studios, and cafes; exploring the Old Georgetown streets will bring you fond memories that you’ll always cherish.

3. Never a Dull Moment

Living in Georgetown is never a dull moment. Every month, the city features a range of interesting events and activities to keep you entertained. In fact, Georgetown is a hub of entertainment. From city and culinary tours, culture and heritage tours to safari adventure, you can never be bored. Due to its multicultural environment, Georgetown celebrates a wide range of exciting festivals. The majestic theatre, Alliance Francaise De Penang, Iswaria Veenai Odeon Cinema attracts movie buffs with the latest movie releases from all over the world including Bollywood movies. You can explore and discover the city’s delights on foot and, get acquainted with its roots. You should not miss the Georgetown Heritage Trail for a tour around the city’s colonial buildings and historical sites.

4. Museums & Art Galleries – Get Cultured in Georgetown

Reasons to love living in George Town

Due to its multicultural environment, a large population of Georgetown enjoys arts, history, and culture. Moreover, who wouldn’t? The city is steeped in history and culture and you wouldn’t even want to miss the excitement you get when you explore them. Explore the Peranakan artifacts and antiques at the Pinang Peranakan Mansion Museum dedicated to the Peranakaan heritage. For history buffs, Penang Museum is just a stone throw away from you. The museum exhibits the traditions and customs, history of the ethnic groups on the island. If you love arts, you will discover that the city has an eclectic assortment of them. A visit to the Penang State Art Gallery, which features exhibitions of contemporary artworks and paintings that will amaze you.

5. Affordable cost of living

reasons to love living in George Town, PenangPhoto Source: Live-less-ordinary.com

Every country, every city has a certain standard cost of living. Georgetown is no exception. Life in Georgetown is not expensive when compared to Kuala Lumpur. If you look at the Southeast Asian standards, you will discover that the cost of living in the city is low. Food is cheaper; no wonder Penang is considered one of the food hubs in Asia. You will find a wide range of local and international cuisines at affordable prices. On the average, you can spend about $3 to $7 USD on a delicious meal.

Getting groceries from the supermarket is cheap so far you’re buying the local produce. If you have a good monthly income, getting a car is easily sustainable. However, it’s easy and cheap to get around Georgetown if you decide not to get a car. Housing in a great neighbourhood is also affordable. Altogether, you can have an amazing lifestyle in Georgetown without breaking a bank.

6. Friendly Locals – Live and Interact with Laid-back People

Photo Source: Travellingclaus.com

Georgetown is a unique metropolis, but it features the hubbub every other city has. The most amazing thing is that you have friendly people around you. Besides, when you have people who are easy-going, helpful and polite around you, your world would be a better place to live. The people of Georgetown know how to have fun and interact intelligently.

7. Green Spaces

Photo Source: Travel2penang

George Town boasts a wide range of magnificent parks, stunning botanical gardens, and green spaces. Therefore, you can never be short of a place to picnic with your family. You can take a scroll around Penang Botanical Garden or spend some time outside the city at Penang National Park, which is just about 30minutes away from George Town. For those who want to explore nature without going out of town, you can take a nature walk within the serene sanctuary of Penang Municipal Park.

8. Exciting Shopping Opportunities

              Photo Source: Expatgo.com

Are you looking forward to living in George Town? Get ready for its unlimited and exciting shopping opportunities. George Town is reputed for some of the best shopping experiences you’ll find in Malaysia. As you explore the city, you’ll discover several shopping malls, where you’ll find designer brands, local boutiques by local retailers. In addition, large and small local markets are available. George Town features several shopping surprises no matter where you go. You can even plan a whole day for shopping if you’re a shopaholic, you’ll never be bored. Even if you don’t feel like buying anything, you can still do some window-shopping.

9. Beautiful Housing

Housing - reasons to love living in George Town, PenangPhoto Source: Diveprice.com

With an assortment of beautiful housing, living in George Town is home-sweet-home. You can find any type of building that suit your lifestyle and budget. There are luxurious homesteads, upscale apartments and building complexes that are within reach of the city centre. Most of the houses have been beautifully built to suit the residents.

10. Delicious Cuisine

If you are a food lover, deciding to move and live in George Town would be one of the best decisions you have ever made. The city features a wide range of Asian and international cuisines, no matter where you’re from, you’ll certainly find a delicious meal for your taste buds. The city boasts a variety of restaurants that serve authentic Chinese, Indian and Malay foods. From hotels to shopping malls, no matter where you go in the city, you’ll surely find a restaurant that serves international meals. You can visit the markets for local produce for your authentic home meals if you decide to make them at home.

11. Pulsating Nightlife

Photo Source: Penang.ws

Flourishing metropolis with pulsating nightlife, filled with revelry and excitement. Featuring some amazing clubs and bars, you can dance the night away in George Town. In fact, this is where you will find some of the fabulous scenes representing the city. You will love it! George Town features colourful nightlife. The entertainment scene is quite exciting and unique. Like other Kuala Lumpur, George Town is clustered with bars and clubs in several avenues at night. Rather than bar hopping on the street, you can go to bars and clubs that feature specific events and after-hours parties.

12. Easy access to the rest of the world

Penang is home to one of the busiest airports in Malaysia. Penang International Airport is located just 16km south of George Town. This allows easy access to any destination in the world. Transportation to and from the airport is readily available and easy to get.

If you’re planning to move to George Town, there is no excuse not to. It’s an amazing place to live! Are you living in George Town? Kindly, share your living experiences with us in the comment section.

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