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Party in Europe for 200 USD – Dorms, Cities & Beers

Published on 22 September 2017|
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Well, Europeans definitely knows how to throw a great party!

Europe is a continent that keeps bursting with nightlife, dance, music, clubs, parties, and events from end to end.

From the cheap ales in Budapest to the epicenter of techno in the world and the cheap beer in Prague, various cities in Europe have got you covered.


No, not only the parties, you even get cheap dorms (just 10-30 USD/night) if you are one of the budget travelers.

Take a look.

Prague (Beer, Beer, and more Beer)

Credit: Hawthorn

Prague comes almost with the synonym of “good times!”

Being ridiculously affordable and a generous city, Prague has long party night along with the cheap drinks! (win-win on both sides). The DJ’s are top class, and this city clubs will also serve you with a variety of good beers that you can savor. At most of the venues, the entry is free for girls and is not going to cost more than $5 for boys. Some clubs will give you a beer at $2 while at some places, a pint will just cost you 1.20 USD.

Budapest (Pinnacle of Spartydom)

Credit: Gellert Spa

Parties don’t happen at Budapest, but Sparties do happen there!

Renowned for its grand parties, the astonishing light effect transforms the clubs into the raging spa parties. This Hungarian capital is also going to serve you with the cheapest beer in Europe; a pint of beer is just going to cost you at 1.08 USD. Drinking here is even better in summers as it has massive beer gardens along with the river.

Ljubljana (Party late and Party hard)

When Ljubljana parties, they party!

This place gets transformed into a Mediterranean city as the bars stay open until the early hours and visitors keep on partying till morning. Whether you want to enjoy the various style of music, socialize or just enjoy the party; here you can be sure to find something to enjoy. The average price of a pint in Ljubljana is 2.50 USD.


Credit: Watch Poland

Krakow, Poland is a city that is actually built for parties.

This beautiful old town has many bars and atmospheric cellars that are known as the happy haunts of locals, stags, and visitors. There is a bar in every corner of this city that serves you with the pint of beer at 1.60 USD. With the gigs and festival for music lovers, it is a place that specializes in taking people out to have fun.


It is kind of hard to stop the party in here.

Dublin is basically a home to the drinking dens and a totally new wave of bars. From a classic pint of beer to an indulging swig of whiskey, you will get every drink that matches your taste and requirements. In Dublin, a pint of Guinness is going to cost your around 5 USD.


So, if you bored of going clubbing in your local club; go, dance in Europe and spend your weekend clubbing there.

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