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Looking for a November holiday? Check these places out!

Published on 06 November 2017|
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 Hello, adventure – A November holiday is the best way to discover new places, take risks and do the unexpected before festive feasting begins!

November marks the beginning of a long holiday season with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year coming one after the other. Smart globetrotters, however, know that it’s also the best time to take an off-season jaunt to some of the world’s most unexpected places.

Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation, adventure escape or new city to explore, there are great places to discover in November. Check out our top 5 November holiday destinations from around the world:

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

best travel destinations in November


A quaint Mexican town, San Miguel draws visitors for its colonial architecture and endless festivals. Cobblestone streets, a rich history and striking lights lend a certain fairy-tale feel.

Visitors can also enjoy browsing shops for Mexican handicrafts, hot springs, balloon rides, and find chefs inventing cutting-edge cuisine.

Cape Town, South Africa

best travel destinations in November


Cape Town displays an extraordinary landscape and seasonal flora ideal for a November holiday. For those looking to relax, beachfront hotels and bars offer a great view of beautiful sunsets.

If the beach is not your thing, gigantic seaside pools and Kirstenbosch Gardens will transport you to a tranquil world. Other must-visit sights are the vibrantly colored Bo-Kaap, Bourbon Street and Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

The Atacama Desert, Chile 

best travel destinations in November


The Atacama Desert’s terrestrial offerings include golden dunes great for adventurous surfing, salt lakes, cliffs of colorfully-stripped strata and spurting geysers best explored at dawn. This place is also ideal if you’re into stargazing: the Milky Way is spectacular.

Home to some Instagram-worthy hotels, Atacama Desert gets incredibly cold in June to September and unbearably hot from January to March, making November the best month for a holiday.

 Andaman Islands, India

best travel destinations in November


For a break, jet over to the Andaman Islands. This Indian archipelago is known for some of Asia’s stunning sparkling beaches. Plan your trip mid-November when the weather is perfect and before the peak season kicks off.  If you are adventurous, take an ocean dip with elephants! Best of all, it’s a relatively affordable destination for a November holiday.

Seoul, South Korea

best travel destinations in November


Looking for a city getaway in November? Nothing beats Seoul. A vibrant city packed with exciting shops, boutiques, and cutting-edge beauty treatments, Seoul also offers finger-licking food both on the street and in classy restaurants. And if you’re a night owl, this city stays alive when the sun has set; look for street food carts and fun-loaded karaoke bars.

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So what are you waiting for? Get planning for your November holiday now!

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