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Morocco’s Blue City: Chefchaouen

Published on 11 October 2017|
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Chefchaouen- The Morocco’s blue city!

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In the hills of Morocco, away from the cities, there lies an old city that is painted in “Blue.”


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Founded in 1471 by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Rached El Alami, Chefchaouen is a city in Morocco that is renowned for its blue hue. This city was same like the other cities till 1942 until it received an incursion of Jewish escaping the Spanish catechism of painting the buildings blue.

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The idea behind painting the city blue was that-“Weaving a blue dyed thread into the prayer shawls would remind the people of God’s power.”

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This bright blue city seems like a mirage situated in the middle of the tan and green landscape.

Situated on the northern tip of Morocco, Morocco’s blue city was closed to the outsiders until the 1920’s. But, now its labyrinthine streets are decked in the shades of blue and are now open to the visitors.
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Not only the houses are blue, but the public squares, government buildings, mosques, lamp posts, and even trash can are painted in this shade.

Today, this city is a dream for the adventurers and the wanderers.

It is a paradisiacal haven that comes with a spellbinding sense of calm and tranquillity. The entire town is transportation free and is quite easy to navigate.
Credit: BBCFor this city, it is no “exaggeration” to say that every alleyway and street gives you a majestic feel.

What Chaouen has for you?

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Chaouen (that is what the locals call it) not only offers you a stunning visual treat but it is also going to serve you with the pure spring water, fresh mountain air, and a lot of vintage goods.

Why the city is only “blue?”

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This old town is painted three times a year, and still, no one is sure why this little mountain drenched itself in blue. Some say it is a spiritual colour while others believe that this colour is used for keep mosquitoes at bay. Not even the current residents are sure why this city was painted blue. Regardless of every hidden fact, the tradition is still followed, and the city is painted by groups of women every year.

Chaouen’s Jews are not here now, but the practice of painting things blue is still on!

Credit: Heart My Backpack

Nowadays, this city is inhabited by Muslims and Berber people along with the descendants of the original Jews. All of them are now living in this picturesque harmony!!


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