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The 5 longest hiking trails in the world

Published on 27 January 2018|
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Can you hear the sound of adventure calling? Lace up your shoes and let’s go.

Hiking is becoming more popular as a recreational activity, both for exercise junkies and those simply looking to have a fun day out with friends. Short, well-worn trails take you less than an hour. But for the adventurous and brave, miles and miles of untouched beauty await you.

Here, we present some of the world’s longest hiking trails. If you’re up for the adventure, don’t stop reading!


1. The Great Trail, Canada

longest hiking trails

Credit: Natureflip

A 24,000 km casting call for the world’s most intrepid voyagers, the Trans-Canada Trail is also known as The Great Trail. It is the longest recreational trail in the world. It sprawls across the entire country and is connected coast to coast.

The setting up of this trail first began in 1992, and for 25 years donors and partners kept the dream alive. Today, it links 15,000 communities along its path and offers an experience for everyone. It’s free to travel on, so what are you waiting for?


2. Senterio Italia, Italy

longest hiking trails

Credit: Natureflip

Starting a Trieste, the trail winds through the Italian coastline and snow-capped mountains, ending at St. Teresa Gallura in Sardinia. It stands at 6,166 km and provides stunning views of different terrain. As it is divided in 368 legs, you can have a taste of the trail easily.


3. The Continental Divide Trail, United States

Credit: Ladder Ranch

The Continental Divide Trail is 4,990 km long and is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a trek from Mexico to Canada that takes its travellers through the Rocky Mountain spine. There are also spectacular terrains along the way, such as the Red Desert (Wyoming) and Grays Peak (Colorado).

However, it may not be the most suited for beginners as the trail can be quite challenging. It’s been said only 150 people complete the entire trail each year, taking around 4-5 months. But if you do decide to give it a shot, do not miss the Triple Divide (Montana), where the rain runs three ways.

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4. Hokkaido Nature Trail, Japan

longest hiking trails

Credit: Medium

At 4,585 km long, the Hokkaido Nature Trail offers a moderate walking and backpacking trek with beautiful mountainous scenery. Depending on when you visit, it’s a pleasant hike as the trail touches a dazzling variety of landscapes from glaciers, forests and pastoral lowlands.

It is located on the least developed of Japan’s four main islands, offering travellers a great experience. It’s definitely worth a trek, and is on our bucket list of longest hiking trails!


5. Tōhoku Nature Trail, Japan

Tōhoku Nature Trail, also known as the Northeast Nature Trail, is one of the best-kept secrets that is situated just south of Hokkaido, but is for experienced trekkers only. It is an extremely difficult route and stands at 4,374 km long. This trail is a giant loop of rugged, mountainous terrain coupled with spectacularly snowy winters.

Time to show your hiking frenzy, so, lace up your boots and hit the longest hiking trails in the world! Happy exploring!

Have you ever been on any of these hiking trails? We’d love to hear your experience, so share with us in the comments below, please!

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