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If you’re up for a cool holiday, head to Iceland

Published on 03 November 2017|
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Iceland- the land of contrasts, fire and ice, and the place of natural wonder!

Love the snow and all things white? Then why not consider heading to a cool place here on earth for your next cold holiday: Iceland.

Iceland in winter is a whimsical paradise. It’s actually not too cold that it becomes painful and unbearable. From magnificent landscapes to caves and the northern lights, this arctic island offers you a stellar experience especially in wintertime.

Here’s why-

It’s cold, but not too cold!

Despite its icy name, Iceland does not have bitterly cold winters (you may get some rain, though), thanks to stable temperatures that give you a winter wonderland without the bite.

You don’t have to jostle with the crowd.

While Iceland is picking up as an affordable holiday destination with superb experiences, there are still relatively low tourist numbers during winter. You can breathe the fresh air and bask in the beauty of your surroundings, all without photo bombers or random shoulders.

See the breathtaking landscapes for yourself.

Iceland in Winters

Credit: jimcdn

Iceland is a country known for some of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes. From gleaming ice fields to partially frozen waterfalls and glaciers with the fresh snow, it offers a pristine visual experience like no other.

You can also visit the blue ice caves and for a warm treat, take a dip in the hot springs.

Yes, if you’re lucky you’ll see the magnificent northern lights.

Northern Lights in Iceland

Credit: jimcdn

If ice caves and crystal glaciers aren’t enough, the country offers a spectacular view of the northern lights during winter. The dancing lights are a mesmerizing treat that makes for a priceless lifetime memory.

And for those who enjoy city views, head over to the deck of Perlan for just that.

Get up close and personal with Iceland’s horses.

Winters, Iceland, Northern Lights in Island

Credit: jimcdn

Iceland’s horses are simply special. Due to the cold weather, these animals develop thicker fur during winter that protects them from the cold. It makes them much cuter, too.

Have you always dreamed of visiting Iceland, or had the privilege of going there? Let us know your travel experiences in the comments below.

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