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7 of Asia’s Best-Kept Secrets

Published on 15 June 2017|
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Known for its gorgeous coastal beaches, exceptional wildlife, interesting cultural experiences and unforgettable adventures, Asia features some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

However, many of its attractions are awash with tourists, so we have gathered some of the places that are off the beaten path to explore. Go off the beaten tracks and experiences some of Asia’s best-kept secrets.

Bagan, Myanmar

Photo Source: Quinnmattingly.photoshelter.com

Myanmar is considered as the Indochina’s hidden gem. It is bursting with superb monuments, impressive golden stupas, and mysterious ruins. Bagan is the ancient city of Burma and is known for being a home to over 2000 Buddhist temples and pagodas. Your visit to Bagan is incomplete if you miss the sunrise or sunset at Shwesandaw Paya while cruising slowly along the astonishing Irrawaddy River. Take a trek through Kalaw’ enchanting mountains, discover the village life and mingle with ethnic Shan tribes for a night. Shan people are the locals of the small rural town of Hsipaw, they are incredibly welcoming.

Stone Forest, China

Photo Source: Gokunming.com

Stone Forest is a spectacular area of eroded limestone that has been naturally carved into what looks like a forest of stone trees, hence the name. There are 65 reservoirs and ponds supplying good water quality with a total storage capacity of 50 million. The attraction boosts a fascinating  climate and features more than 400 kinds of flowers. From a distance, you’ll see a dense forest; but as you get closer, you discover that trees are all but slender stone pinnacles.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Photo Source: Trip101.com

Komodo Island is an unspoiled tropical paradise in Indonesia homing an approximately 3500 people and native Komodo Dragons, known as the world’s largest living lizard. With the variety of marine life surrounding the Komodo Island, it can rival to the world’s best dive destinations. While on a liveaboard diving cruise, you will see the marine diversity that you just won’t see anywhere else in the world.

Hoh Xil, Tibet

Photo Source: China.org.cn

Tribet features China’s largest and the world’s third largest uninhabited area, which is home to a massive wildlife. Hoh Xil in Tibet is a beautiful area with gorgeous mountainous landscapes and amazingly one of the main sources of the Yangtze River. You will experience the very primal part of life, where you release yourself from worries and certainly consider this as your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Shodoshima, Japan

Photo Source: Flickr.com

Shodoshima is a Mediterranean-style Japanese Island which is a home to beaches, resorts, and charming coastal sceneries. The island is best for hiking, fine dining, and relaxing. Mountain dwellers and beach seekers alike will surely be pleased with the vast topography of the island.  Farmers grow maple, palm, mountain potatoes, and lemons. You should not miss this paradise on your next Japan trip and discover its magnificent wonders.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo Source: Agoda.com

Kathmandu ranks as one of the most historical cities in the world. It has a lot of stupas, temples, and squares that make it a must-visit place in Nepal. N wonder Kathmandu Valley is a world heritage UNESCO site. In this historical gem lies the neo-classical historic garden which provides a very lovely and tranquil atmosphere. The garden is full of historical monuments and astounding flora and fauna.

Danum Valley, Sabah

Photo Source: Malaysia-asia.my

Danum Valley is a naturalists’ paradise, known as the world’s most multifaceted ecosystem for being remote from human habitation and almost unfamiliar to modern civilization. It is home to endangered wildlife kinds such as Banteng (Asian Elephant), clouded leopard, proboscis monkey, etc. Visiting Danum Valley will give you an opportunity to see Kadazandusun burial site, with belian coffins and ceramic spirit jars.

Asia’s hidden gems will delight you and give you unforgettable lifetime memories.

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