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Planning a trip? 5 travel mistakes you could be making

Published on 28 January 2018|
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Planning a trip is not rocket science, but it can create headaches if you don’t do it right.

Whether you are planning your first trip or have been traveling for a while now, we all make mistakes that can give trouble or even ruin our entire trip. While we love to explore and add pictures with #wanderlust, the hassles of finding best flights, hotels, and places can be overwhelming.

Let us admit it. In the confusion of making everything perfect, we can end up making some travel mistakes. So to help all of us out, here are some common mistakes we tend to make — so we don’t make them next time!

“Oh my gosh, I need this… and this… and this!”

We know everyone likes to pack outfits and gadgets for every occasion. But, we often forget how difficult it becomes to carry your luggage around. Stop packing everything and only pack what you need. You’ll thank yourself later, trust us.

Travel mistakes

Forgetting to inform your credit card company

There is no panic attack bigger than having your credit cards declined when you are on a cross-country trip. So, before you go on board that flight, inform your bank that you are traveling so they don’t flag your transaction or cause you embarrassment and stress.

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Die-die sticking to a travel checklist

Everyone has a checklist that they get by googling travel sites for hours on end before a trip. There are always must-see places, eateries and events for any place. But, just because you have a list doesn’t mean that you have to check off everything.

Many times, we rush from one place to another and leave with nothing but shards of memory. Try shaving your list down to a few important places, and spend a bit more time taking in the scenery, people and culture at each stop.


Traveling through the camera

Take pictures but don’t just dive into becoming a hardcore shutterbug. This is one of the travel mistakes we’d make, especially if we have an active Instagram account.

We’re not saying stop taking photographs. Instead, revel in the beauty before your camera does. We can get caught up in trying for the ‘perfect’ photo that we end up missing the perfect moment. So capture pictures, yes, but don’t forget the memories.


Heading on holiday with the rest of the world

Oftentimes, we travel during peak season. Yes, the flowers may be in full bloom or a specific festival is hitting the streets. But unless you’re travelling mainly for that purpose, stay away from the crowds!

During peak season, the prices of everything- from airlines to accommodation, food, and events skyrocket and precious time will be wasted standing in line. Travel off-peak if you really want to experience the daily life of the place.

What travel mistakes have you made, or think should be avoided? Share with us in the comments section below.

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