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4 great hiking trails in Sabah for nature junkies out there

Published on 03 December 2017|
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Did you know Sabah is the second largest state in Malaysia, smaller only to Sarawak. We’re in the northern bit of Borneo, hence the famous Tip of Borneo (head to Kudat for that, guys).

Known for the world-famous Mount Kinabalu, this state gives you scenic landscapes, untouched nature, beautiful mountains and endless beaches in one paradise.

From long jungle treks to high-altitude ascents, Sabah also offers you a variety of amazing hiking opportunities. While there are many, many hiking locations around Sabah offering great views and fun experiences, these four top the list as some of the hardest (and longest) treks in the state.

Let’s start!

Mount Kinabalu

Hike in Sabah

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The Mount Kinabalu climb is one of the most popular in the world, boasting a great view if the clouds choose to part for you. While the history behind the name remains a mystery, the most popular version is that the name comes from the Kadazan words, “Aki Nabalu”, meaning ‘revered place of the dead’. The Kadazan believe spirits live atop this mountain.

With great flora along the way, the cool air and friendly guides (who are super duper fit, by the way), it promises an unforgettable climbing experience.

Difficulty Level- Moderate

Crocker Range

Located in the northern part of Borneo, the Crocker Mountain Range separates the east and west coast of Sabah. At an average height of 5,900 ft, the trek is 75 km in length, 15 km in width and is mostly covered with forest. You can totally imagine the amount of green that you get to experience!

Difficulty Level- Easy (it’s just very long)

The Kinabalu National Park

If you are not up to hike to the top of  Mt. Kinabalu, the Kinabalu National park is another great hiking trail with a different experience. Instead of hiking up the mountain, you will hike around it. About 6 km long, this trek will be easy for you as long as you are geared with proper shoes.

Difficulty Level- Easy

Mount Trus Madi

Well, Mt. Trus Madi is Malaysia’s second highest mountain with the height of 2,642 meters. Located about 70 kilometers southeast of KK city, this mountain is said to be more challenging to hike compared to Mount Kinabalu, surprisingly.

Difficulty Level- Difficult

Sabah Hikes

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Are you planning to hike in Sabah? Which trek are you going to add to your list?

 Share with us in the comments section below.

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