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Our 3 top countries for solo travelling, with an Asian twist!

Published on 29 December 2017|
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Never tried solo travelling before?

Then the thought of embarking on a trip all by yourself might come as a daunting one to you!

You might think it is a scary idea but did you know that solo travelling can be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of a lifetime? Of course, take all necessary precautions and be street-smart when planning your adventure.

If you’re planning an exotic solo trip, Asia is a great place to start. A beautiful continent flowing with diversity, Asia is packed with vibrant cities, beautiful scenery, natural wonders and of course lots of food.

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Vietnam is a quaint country that has everything from food and fun to nature and culture. Thanks to a well-developed train and min-bus system, it’s pretty easy to get around. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are great places to start for city-lovers, while backpackers can enjoy the more rural parts of the country.

The best part is Vietnam was ranked as the 59th safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index, making it a great choice for solo travelling!


Solo Travelling

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If Japan is not on your radar, it definitely should be.

Known as Land of the Rising Sun, this country offers stunning natural scenes, cultural heritage, and enchanting temples that make it one of the best destinations for solo travellers. Stroll around its big cities like Tokyo or Kyoto and experience a fascinating blend of imperial and contemporary Japan.

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South Korea

Solo Travelling

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If you are a culture buff, there is no better thing than to lose yourself in the streets of Seoul. Loaded with restaurant districts, unique museums, and exceptionally delicious cuisine, it serves as a paradise for solo travellers.

On top of everything, South Korea is remarkably safe for solo travellers despite its immense size.

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Wherever your journey may take you, you will always be blown away by the sights and sounds Asia has to offer.

Out of the three, which country would you choose in order to take the plunge? Share with us in the comments section below.

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