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Fellow Sabahans share what it is like being a Sabahan

Published on 27 August 2018|
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Bah, come find out what they have to say!

By Louise M., Carrybeans

Sabah is undoubtedly a place us Sabahans hold dear to our hearts. Born and raised here, there is no other place we would rather be or return to at the end of the day. She is, after all, home sweet home. And to many others, they have chosen to make her their home because of what she has to offer.

Blessed with having the world’s 20th most prominent mountain to one of the world’s top diving spots, and the world’s tiniest snail to the world’s tallest trees, it seems that Sabah really has it all.

But let’s find out what it’s really like being a Sabahan.

What does being a Sabahan mean to you?

Emily Mary Chin, 21, Writer

To be a true Sabahan is to be eternally warm and lighthearted. It is a gentle spirit amidst rough patches, resilience in adversity. It is grounded feet and quiet strength, even among life’s loudest uproars. It is a tumultuous cross between grace and fight, a cross that only Sabahans could carry.

Paul Anon, 27, HR

For me, being a Sabahan means several things:

1. Harmony and unity. Religion or race is never an issue. We help each other and be friends without all the fuss.

2. Tarap

3. Sabahan slang

4. Bah

5. Sabah is always home no matter where we go

Val J., 25, Student

The culture; people of different races who can gather together; the local slang; and the unique Sabahan food that keeps me homesick whenever I go travel or work outside of Sabah. Last but not least, we say “aramaitiee” during our gathering to show how much we enjoy each other’s company and which depicts us as a true Sabahan.

Lenore Lee, 36, Events Manager

Harmony in diversity. Living in harmony among all ethnic and racial diversity is why I am proud to be called a Sabahan.

Michael, 27, Animal Trainer

Inclusiveness. Sabah is made up of different races and religions. Of course there will always be tensions, but unlike in other parts of the world, we all get along. I think that’s something to be proud of.

Eding M., 39, Freelancer

Friendly, fun loving, accepting and talented bunch of people.

Esmerelda M. M., 36, House Manager

You can take me out of Sabah but you can’t take the Sabah out of me.

Stephanie P., 28, Writer

For me, being a Sabahan means looking at Akinabalu and being amazed by its grandness, having friends from different cultural background, attending Kaamatan celebration in KDCA and being proud of our culture, and using “bah” to express myself in different situations and knowing people will understand what I am saying.

Haster, 33, Admin Assistant

Being a Sabahan means that I can enjoy sup kosong FOC over nasi lemak or nasi ayam or fried meal. I can also enjoy saying unique phrases like “aramai tii”, “buli bah kalau ko” or “cuba ko try test”, or mean things like “bida oh kau”, but it’s a joke and we ALL understand. It’s a Sabahan thing. I mean, we are such geniuses right?

According to Ace Emerson, Sabahans truly are a rare breed. We live in harmony among all types, colours and creeds while at the same time retaining our unique culture, traditions, festivals and customs because of our understanding towards the spectrum of cultures that surrounds us.

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