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Ghost Story : Lady In White

Published on 11 October 2017|
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As I resumed my nap, I suddenly went into my dream state of mind where I was in a vacuum: dark, humid and silent. I was partially dreaming but conscious at the same time. I was very sure that I was physically sleeping, but I am aware I was awake, too.

I moved my vision slowly from left to right, checking if there was anything weird around me. None, I breathed. But as I was shifting back my eyes to the centre of my body, I saw a grey- coloured hand resting on the tip of my comforter that was on my chest area.

Ghost reaching out

My heart pounded in shock, and I thought to myself, “What the hell is this?!”

I tilted back my vision to the ceiling, hoping the grey hand would disappear. But when I did, something caught my eye: a long-haired lady in white was floating on top of me! I can’t see her face, but her figure was crystal clear.

Ghost on the top of bed

She was banging her long hair towards me from the ceiling, and I was struggling hard to unfreeze my body from the scene. I was numb and frozen. All I can do was to keep praying all the madras and prayers that I knew. I struggled for almost thirty minutes; it felt like I was stuck. It was the eeriest and aggressive ghostly experience of my life, and it was quite intense.

Right after that experience, we run back to the lobby and requested for another room change. The expression we got from the receptionist? “Kan I dah bagi you bilik pertama tadi you tak nak…”, she knew it.

Story submitted by Elle Ho

Flying ghost

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