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Workout Apps For Those Who Can’t Afford A Trainer

Published on 04 August 2017|
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“Sweat is magic! Cover yourself in it daily to grant your wishes.”

Unless you know what you’re doing, you might just be wasting time exercising aimlessly, drifting from machine to mat without doing the real work. You can solve this problem by shelling out cash on expensive personal trainers, or better still, download an excellent workout app on your Smartphone.

We believe that living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t cost you a fortune so, we have rounded up some best workout apps for you. All you need is your running shoes, a Smartphone and your favourite playlist to start with.

The good news is, they are all free!

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Nike+ Training Club

(Android and iOS)

This ultimate personal trainer app features 100+ workouts guided by pro athletes and celebrities. App’s clear instructional audio and video cues allow you focus on workout rather than stuck with the screen.

You can stream your sessions onto a TV using a Chromecast, an HDMI cable or Apple TV. You can even share your workout moments with Nike community using the app.

The more activities you manually enter into the app, the smarter the NTC becomes at harmonizing with your fitness practices.

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(Android and iOS)

Technology are the best gift for people who lacks the mental strength to wake up for a 6 a.m. workout class!

Qinetic accomplishes sustainable and results-driven workout solutions, guided by leading coaches and trainers. It’s on-demand feature makes sure you never miss a class.

With an enormous variety of Zumba classes, morning yoga, cardio and challenging HIIT workout, hosted at flexible times throughout the week, finding a class to fit your schedule is assured.

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Strava Running & Cycling

(Android and iOS)

Besides being an A1 running and cycle tracker, this app offers some competitive, gamified features to the standard tracking recipe.

It records running speed, time, distance traveled, combined with achievements and challenges.  Opt for a premium subscription for hard-to-beat exercise goals and more detailed performance analytics.

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A 20-minute workout, three days a week with maximum results in less than a month!

The Keelo workout app does exactly that for busy bees. A virtual trainer would respond to all your questions and provide feedback on your workouts, much like a real-world personal trainer.

This HIIT-based app is a sculpting mix of bodyweight and gym exercises with all the important warm-ups and cools down sessions as well as pre and post workout food guidance. A 40-minute brisk walking is certainly a deficient match for 20 minutes of fun-loaded jumps, squats, hops, and swings.

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Freeletics Bodyweight

(Android and iOS)

As the name implies, this app features tons of bodyweight-specific exercises. Before you choose a 10-20 minutes workout plan, you need to complete a fitness test to judge your level.

A virtual coach will craft a weekly training plan, adapted to your schedule, goals, and abilities.

You can switch to a 2X2 mode to check out the workouts that can be done in 2X2 meters of space.

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(Android and iOS)

Loaded with thousands of strength training and bodybuilding sessions, Jefit helps you live healthier and stay motivated with your fitness goals.

All sessions are sorted by targeted body part for users’ convenience. The app comes with detailed audio and video cues, workout planner, tracker, exercise log, a facility for synchronization with your JEFIT profile and numerous other options.

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So get Ready, Set and Download! Spare yourself the expense of personal trainer and keep your workout interesting.

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