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5 Ways to Make Money Online (Legally)

Published on 03 March 2018|
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No online surveys needed!

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

I think everyone can agree that adulting is hard. Bills, rent and education loans eat up our money and sometimes, we can barely survive on our monthly income. Some people resort to part-time jobs, dip their toes into the business world or became Uber or Grab drivers.

But what if you don’t really have a car to do Uber, or a start-up capital for a business? Well, don’t worry because there other ways you can make money online (legally) without having to leave the comfort of your room. And no, I’m not talking about filling a gazillion online surveys!


1. Help students with their homework

Credits: Snapask

Technology is such a wonderful thing. Not only do you have platforms for ride-sharing, you now also can pay someone to help you with your homework! Snapask is an app where students can ask tutors questions about their homework and tutors will be paid RM1.50 for each answered question.

If you’re interested in becoming a tutor, you just have to create an account, upload your relevant certs and wait for approval. However, your SPM results must be cantik la; you must have at least an A-  for the subject you wish to tutor.


2. Answer some trivia

If you’re very good at trivia (or can search something on Google in less than 10 seconds) you may want to try playing HQ Trivia. However, don’t expect questions like “Siapakah Bapa Kemerdekaan Malaysia?“. The game is based in the USA, so many of their questions are based on Western culture and history. But if you’re interested, here is how you can master the game:

(P/S: Malaysia’s Father of Independence is Tunku Abdul Rahman, by the way)


3. Sell things online

Credit: Shopee

If you have unused things laying around you can always sell them online. There are various online platforms for you to sell things over the internet, including Carousell and Shopee. It only takes you minutes to sign up on both sites and the audience reach is wide, so you can sell your items quite quickly.

Personally, I prefer Shopee because the financial transactions are safe for both buyer and seller. I don’t have to worry much about scammers out there.


4. Do freelance work

Credit: Fiverr

There are many platforms for you to find freelancing opportunities, including Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. These sites offer free registration for freelancers and the pay is quite solid. However, competition on this sites are extreme, so you’ll have to work hard early on to make your name if you want to earn well.


5. Design t-shirts

Credits: Teespring

If you have a knack for illustration and/or design, you should definitely try designing t-shirts online. Sites like Teespring and CafePress are good because you only have to design the t-shirt and they will take care of production and delivery. This may sound obvious, but don’t try submitting an unoriginal design because it’ll be rejected immediately.

Do you any other ways to make money online? Share with us in the comments below.

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Featured Image Credit: Freepik

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