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Earth Will Pass the Heat ‘Tipping Point’ by 2100

Published on 24 August 2017|
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Global warming is not a prediction. It’s happening now!

Just imagine – everything on the earth including plants, land, oceans, is heating like a griddle! Where will you escape from this destructive climate change? Well, this imagination is soon going to turn into reality, a study suggests. Thanks to we humans who are continuously putting heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere thus causing the Earth system to go through a “Tipping Point”.

A rise of 2 degrees Celsius is often seen as a “tipping point” that people should avoid by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. These scenarios lead to widespread drought, extreme and unbearable weather conditions and dangerously increased sea level.

Global warming

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But a newly published predicts that global warming has a chance to hit the tipping point of earth’s temperature by the end of the century.

The 2016 Paris Agreement aims to establish standards for controlling gas emissions and limiting warming to 1.5 degree Celsius.

Adrian Raftery, a lead author, and professor of statics and sociology at the University of Washington says that the goal of 2 degrees is achievable with major, sustained efforts all around the world over the next 80 years.

According to Nature Climate Change, there is 90% chance that the planet’s temperature will rise by 2.0 to 4.9 degree C by 2100.

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Pointing this projection, Raftery adds that their analysis is compatible with previous estimates and optimistic projections are improbable to take place.

Other studies, conducted by reputed research centres like NASA, suggest that carbon intensity has dropped in the recent decades as countries are boosting efficiency and following standards to reduce carbon emission. How quickly the value drops will decide the future of our global warming level.

Overall, the Paris Agreement goals are ambitious but pragmatic. However, it’s doubtful to achieve the target of keeping warming at or below 1.5 degrees.


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But, there’s hope!

Researches and studies have shown that we could instil in the future generations to bear life-threatening consequences of the warmer climate.

Earth system tipping points

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There are movements and activists around the world offering encouragement to the countries to take steps that would save the earth from becoming a burning hell. In the USA, states have come together to meet the Paris Agreement goals despite President Donald Trump’s reversal of his decision on the climate change.

A growing number of lawsuits exist against governments that engage citizens in environmental-unfriendly actions, contributing to climate change. Natural economic trends towards clean energy and boycotting fossil fuels are also a plus point.

These efforts do not guarantee that the world will not warm up with an additional of 2 degrees, but could at least limit the warming to 2.5 instead of 4.9 degrees.

Scientist James Hansen says that we can develop negative emission technologies that will suck carbon out of the environment and store it away. The last-ditch engineering schemes might offer more time to deal with the problem.

climate change

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Only around 80 years left! Believe us; it’s a limited duration to address this biggest threat to human life. Actions need to taken sooner on an individual level.

Read it, spread it and encourage people to join hands to save the future generation!

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