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Why Your Relationships Always Fall Apart? Science Has the Answer

Published on 18 August 2017|
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Believe it or not! Relationships keep on falling apart all the time.

Speaking, listening, not throwing blames, compromises? Sounds easy? So, why don’t we end up doing just that?

Everyone, even you and your partner struggle in a relationship but, everyone does not struggle in the same way. The present divorce rate in North America is almost above 50%, and break up happens all the time across the world.

Relationships, whether long distance or short ones, they are meant to be appreciated.

But, why it has been difficult to keep up with them because we think that our relationships are falling due to unnecessary arguing, betrayal, technology, time, long distance, and criticism.

But here is what Science says, the actual reason is!

Science’s take on why Relationships fall apart-

Most people are not in love. They just love the idea of being loved!

When your partner says “I love you,” chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin immediately gets released in your body through the brain. With the passing days, as you hear these words repeatedly, you get equipped with the feeling of love biochemically.

So, sometimes, we just don’t get the essence of true love and fall in love with words over phone, email or Skype. Hearing I love you with a smiley, heart, or an emoji gives you a superficial sensation in our brain, a shift in our brain attributes that make us feel loved. In modern relationships, people live with their ego, keep their feelings to themselves, and only interact with the partners through social media or cell phones.

When the communication is less, the chemical emotions stop reacting and this is when we figure out that we have stopped loving our partner. Communication is the most important thing in maintaining a relationship. From sharing little happenings in your life to going on small dates and enjoying little things together, that is what keeps the spark up in your relation.

Till Technology do us apart?


Technology is closer to us, even more than our partners. Our physical presence, going on dates, movies, meeting in nooks has been replaced by I LOVE YOU and I LOVE YOU TO messages.

Till I reach the pinnacles of success!

According to a report in 2016 by the European Union, 72% of the people were found to be in a relationship and of that, 54 % were with a person who was demanding a career. Some couples focus on their work and interact with their partners only on weekends and evenings leading to set them apart. Our generation is a scared one; they are the wanderers- who are scared to commit, fall in love, and is afraid of getting their hearts broken.

We talk about everything through snap chat, facebook, messages, and voice mails that there is nothing left to talk in person. Also, we just don’t agree to settle down. We simply let go the love of our life just because there are ‘other fishes in the sea’!

Evolution, they say! Falling out in love is not easy, our feeling mix up with confusion and there is a different type of mystery worth exploring when we fall out of love, say experts.

At the end of it,  love is a complicated thing and it takes time.

We say, go for it! Fall in love anyway!

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