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What makes old-fashioned love letters so romantic?

Published on 14 November 2017|
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Honestly, not much can beat the love expressed by handwritten old-fashioned love letters!

And isn’t that what many of us wish for? Old school love, uncomplicated and genuine, without the worry of unread Whatsapp messages or public relationship arguments on Facebook. With old-fashioned love letters, words took time.

Old Fashioned Love Letters

But, is the communication bit of romance dead now? No, not at all. Instead, it has transformed into snaps, text messages, and Instagram posts. Now, we express our love by putting up loving photos on Facebook profiles.

Technology has made romance very digital and maybe expanded the idea of love, but that’s what makes old-fashioned love letters even more romantic today. Why? Read on.

Love letters are unique memoirs

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No gift, message, or Snapchat gives you the same feeling you get when you open a box full of old love letters! It feels like you’re reading a person’s heart. These letters are unique and precious memories shared by lovers and give us a glimpse into the depth of their love for one another.

Hit up the senses with scented paper

If you want to give handwritten letters a shot, add a scent to your letter paper. Choose a fragrance your partner loves. With different senses engaged (smell, sight and touch), a scented letter is an incredibly intimate way to share your love.

In case you haven’t realised, adding a fragrance is simply not possible with emails.

Write your heart out, your way

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When you write a love letter, the blank sheet of white paper is all yours. Like an artist with a canvas, let your imagination run wild. Go beyond emojis, smiling turds, hearts, and bring out your kind of creativity into the letter.

Love letters require dedicated attention and time

Love letters

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Yes!  I repeat—Dedicated attention!

You don’t have auto-correct when writing love letters, and definitely no undo option (you can use whiteout, but do it with care). So we have to be fully focused when penning a love letter. The upside is that you don’t distract from ads, incoming messages or notifications.

Lastly, love letters are a slow dance of love

You know how we send those carefully written and edited texts, and then check our phones for the next ten hours waiting for a reply?

Well, none of that with old-fashioned love letters! Exchanging words and stories take time, thanks to the long journey each letter takes in preparation and delivery. This means you can reply whenever you feel like it, preferably when you’re fully concentrating.

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What are your thoughts on the romantic quotient of old-fashioned love letters? We’d love to hear it, let us know in the comments below.

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