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Tinder Relationships: 5 Creative Ways to Move the Conversation IRL

Published on 25 October 2017|
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Tinder relationships — it’s fun at first, but gets tedious if you stick only to the app! After all, you need romance, and you need the excitement of what a relationship is like in real life. So how can you casually move the conversation off Tinder? Here are 5 creative ideas you may want to try IRL:

1. “I’m Going To This Event — Wanna Meet Up?”

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You’ve already established common likes and interests with your new Tinder partner. Now it’s time to put your “cyber relationship” to the test. Find an event which you think that both of you would enjoy, and casually slip it into your Tinder conversation. It’s a great way to take the pressure off a real date!

2. “I Don’t Use Tinder Messenger Often — Let’s Continue Talking On Viber.”

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Boom! And then you give them your number. Casual and cool, right? This is a very slick way of moving one step closer to a real relationship… without making a big deal out of it. It’s just Viber, you know.

3. “You’re The Smartest Person I’ve Met Here! And Maybe In Real Life!”

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Relationships don’t just happen overnight — so plant the seeds but don’t give up the game! The compliment will make the other person feel special, and the mention of the phrase “real life” will make them think about asking you out.

4. “I Don’t Have Time Right Now But I’d Tell You The Rest Of The Story Over Dinner & Drinks.”

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Smooth! You let the other person know that you value your time, and that you want to spend some of it with their company. They’ll feel appreciated and they will definitely say “yes”!

5. “It’s Ok, Go Ahead And Ask Me Out.”

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The great thing about Tinder is that you can be as forward as you’d like. This line gently nudges the other person to make the next step. So let’s cross fingers they do, because you’ll never know if you don’t try, right?

Have you tried any of these lines on a Tinder crush? Let us know in the comments below!

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