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Do You Suffer From The Fear of Falling in Love? Read This!

Published on 25 August 2017|
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“Fear of falling in love – Philophobia.”

Are you afraid of falling in love or does the idea of being in love scares you?


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It is one of the most beautiful emotions that makes you go all gah-gah over the other person. You think it’s all about love, roses, chocolates, and candy bars but it is way more complex than that!

It is a word that we say out for our feelings when we are strongly attracted to something or someone.

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This feeling appeals to some people while others can be intimidated by it and such fear is known as Philophobia.

Is it the fear of commitment or have we totally fallen in love with our “Singledom”?

Why does this feeling come to us? Here are some reasons to which you may relate to:

Previous Unsuccessful Relationships


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Fear of falling in love is closely related to the previous failed relationships that involved love. If a person had any failed relationships or have witnessed somebody going through the turmoil of relationships, these feelings cause the person to develop an extreme fear of falling in love.

According to Mansi Hassan, Clinical Psychologist, women who have been in a bad relationship in the past tend to keep men at bay despite having feelings for them.

Fear of Heartbreaks

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The pain of heartbreak! UGH!

This fear is familiar to most people. Falling in love with someone involves risk and the minute you commit to someone, you are also open to the possibility of things might not work out between the both of you in the end.

It’s the idea of “uncertainty” that makes love intriguing and terrifying at the same time!

And this scares us tremendously because we might have to go through the whole cycle of breakups, hurts, picking up the pieces after a failed relationships and putting our lives back together again

Thus, we fear “Heartbreaks,” and also fear to fall in love with someone.

Fear of Losing Autonomy

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Being single comes with a lot of freedom but once you step into a commitment, the well being of your significant other starts to cloud your decisions. This comes with it the potential loss of personal space, autonomy, and individuality. Also, the fear of being abandoned could creep up.

We strive to stay in the relationship, but when the fear of missing out (FOMO) in life is strong in us, it could stop us from falling in love.

Once you’ve freed yourself from fear, you attract lasting love!

Identify the fears, resolve them on a deep level and be fearless going into a relationship.

Fall in love, give up that extremist attitude and remember that every hurt will eventually heal and at the end of the day, even if it doesn’t work out, at least you overcame one of the biggest fear in your life by going for it. 

So, DON’T fear, fall in love and see where this leads you! 


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