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Get over it! Signs you still haven’t moved on from your ex

Published on 15 January 2018|
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Breaking up with someone you’ve shared a significant part of your life with can be a challenge.  But moving on means moving on.In the process, it can be hard to tell if you are ready to forget them or are still pining for their love.

So, what are some of the telltale signs that you have not put your past to rest, and are still into him?

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You’re thinking about him months or even years after the breakup

Whether you broke up for clear or unclear reasons, being in love with him makes you think about him very often. In Starbucks, you imagine talking over coffee with him, something you used to do when you were together. And when you hear songs that remind you of him, you find yourself smiling, thinking about those sweet days.

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You stalk him via his social media accounts

If someone was to check your browsing history, they would find URLs to your ex’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. You check on his profile and activities at least once a day to get an update about his new girl or what he’s been up to. You have even considered creating fake accounts just to make sure you won’t be found out by him.

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You’re not interested in a new relationship

Dating after the breakup just hasn’t been your thing. You’re not even bothered by interested parties throwing themselves at you. For you, they don’t exist. But whenever your ex-calls, you pick up the phone and drop whatever you are doing.

Worst of all, you compare your ex to every man you meet, which is probably why you cannot seem to date again. You have a list of how those men could measure up to your ex. However, what you need right now is to measure those men based on their merits and not how they resemble your ex-boyfriend.

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Those are few of the signs when you thought you had moved on, but truly haven’t. We know it’s hard to get over someone that you hold dear, but believe us when we say better things are yet to come.

Be intentional about moving on, and ask friends for help. Find a new hobby or explore dating once again with an open mind.  And stop stalking him!

Are you over your past relationship? What signs above sound like yours? Tell us in the comment section below!

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