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Starbucks or Date Night? The Experts Weigh In

Published on 20 September 2017|
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The title may sound like a tricky question, but let’s explore the answer together as we proceed. Intimacy is not always about sex. Sometimes, it can just be touching your partner’s face or hand, or just listening to your partner narrating a favourite book. It can be anything but sex, and that’s fact.

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In addition, there are so many ways to attain special intimacy in a relationship without the need of physical closeness. Ditching your bed and staying outdoors can come with a handful of rejuvenating benefits for your relationship. See below:

Sharing experiences outdoors can offer emotional intimacy.

Being together for a long time but lacking emotional closeness can be the scariest thing in a relationship. Being outdoors can create long-lasting memories and bring you closer to your loved ones. It bridges the gap between the both of you by avoiding distractions of a busy day-to-day life.

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Spiritual Bond.

Meeting your partner for the first time might have been an adventure and the sparks are practically everywhere. But the years may come and the feelings might “die” down. The fact is, as demands and obligations arise, it’s easy to lose a deep spiritual connection with your partner. Spiritual connection in a relationship is about meeting at an intimate and raw soul level.

“We’re not here by accident. God or some Higher Power made us find each other.”

If you think so, then it makes perfect sense.

In a spiritual bonding, you both appreciate each other’s spiritual beliefs. When you achieve that enlightened connection, it reaches an utmost level. It helps you learn the languages of love.

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Intellectual Intimacy.

When you talk with your partner the whole night on personal topics like kids and finances, do you follow the same wavelength? That’s what defines the intellectual intimacy in a relationship: the same thoughts but with different ideas, too.

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When it comes to outdoor activities, people can just be themselves. Similarly, it goes the same in a relationship. Your outdoor bonding can lead to developing better levels of spiritual bond and intellectual intimacy.

So, if an upcoming date night is on the way, what would you choose? If you ask us, we’d definitely choose Starbucks… and then a trip outdoors.


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