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Single folks, it’s time to mark these dates on your calendar

Published on 07 February 2018|
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Calling the singles, unattached and those who are happy on their own — these celebrations are for you!

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

For many people (especially couples) around the world, Valentine’s Day is a day to look forward to. And because love is still the best selling product out there, V-Day has become the greatest commercial for romance. But that’s where the singles get left out, and sometimes we just want the day to be over.

The truth is, while being in a relationship is neat and all, being single is neat too! And in some parts of the world, the single community have decided it’s time they have a celebration of their own. Have a read and see which dates you’ll be marking on your calendar!


1. Black Day

Credit: Mo Riza

Black Day (not to be confused with Black Friday) is celebrated in South Korea on 14 April each year. The day itself is sort of an antithesis to both Valentine’s Day and White Day. Single people gather together wearing black and eat black-coloured food, especially a sweet bean sauce noodle called jja jang myeon.

Similar to many other celebrations in the world, eateries and businesses hold various promotions and events in conjunction with Black Day, including matchmaking events and speed dating. They also hold noodle-eating contests throughout the day.

What black food can we eat here? Grass jelly, kon lou mee (with lots of black sauce), black vinegar pork knuckles!


2. Singles’ Day

What better way is there to celebrate singlehood than to spend the whole day shopping? Well, that’s what the Chinese believe and they’ve made a day out of it!

Singles’ Day or Guanggun Jie (which literally means “single sticks’ holiday”) falls on 11 November. The date was chosen because the resemblance of the number ‘1’ to single people. There are several stories explaining the story of how the day came to be, but the most popular one says it originated form Nanjing University in 1993 when four single students decided to celebrate their singlehood.

The celebration eventually become more popular over time, especially after Alibaba, a giant e-commerce company, held the first ever Double Eleven Shopping Festival on Taobao.com. It was a big hit. In fact, Alibaba recorded a sale of $25 billion for the 2017 edition of the festival!


3. S.A.D.

Credit: PDPics

Singles Awareness Day,  abbreviated to S.A.D., also has its origin story rooted around a university when a Mississippi State University student create the day for single people. Now, it is recognised as a day to celebrate love for family and friends, as well as for self-love.

Some people celebrate the day on 14 February out of spite for Valentine’s Day. But many others celebrate S.A.D. on 15 February, making it a celebration of singlehood and not self-pity.

The day is also celebrated in the US as the National Singles Day on 22 September. We’re not sure why being single is attributed to being sad, but we hope that’s changing!

How do you celebrate being single in Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below.

Just so you know, being single is really okay so don’t worry of you haven’t found a partner yet!

Featured Image Credit: Kaci Baum

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