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Are You Ready for Marriage? Ask Yourself These Questions

Published on 23 August 2017|
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 Ready to get hitched! Found the love of your life?

The history of crazy love, passion, desire has been illustrated by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet; and the operas and soaps have detailed how the tales of “happily ever after” ends once the two lovers are together for long durations thereafter.

Whether you are in the midst of the dating duration or have indulged in the long term relationship, the word “marriage” would definitely scare us especially hearing or considering it the first time.


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Marriage surely includes the bliss of waking up next to the person you love, but it also comes to the stress of unaccounted expenses, having to share your personal space and the dishes that are piled up in the sink after a romantic dinner.

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Are you ready for marriage? Are there things that you should know before walking down the aisle?

Before you tie the knot with your better half, take a closer look at yourself and ask yourself these questions.

What do you expect from your spouse after getting married?

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Before we get married, we often feel like that it would be same as if we are dating, says a counsellor from Counseling Alliance.

Well, this is not true!

Bring on the table what you expect from your significant other. Talk it out and be clear in your mind what are your expectations regarding your career, what do you expect in terms of finances, families, expenses, romance, and kids.

This question will give you a working definition of your marriage and will give a transparent picture, how your married life is going to be.

Are you ready to accept them at their worst, their anger, and negative side?

We all come with our negative traits aspects.

If you are making a lifelong commitment, it becomes imperative to settle with each other less-desirable traits. During the dating phase, love overcomes the small abuses, but marriage is about staying together for the entire life.

Arguments, picking up after each other shortcomings and even things like and an unmade bed will come up but would you be able to sit down and discuss these things after that and come to terms with it?

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It will take time to know your better half, and that is how your bond gets closer but would you be able to love this person despite all that? Despite the negatives, you can embrace marriage only if you are prepared for what your better half is coming up with.

Are you able to communicate with each other comfortably?

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Communication doesn’t mean a number of texts you send each other throughout the day. Communication in marriage refers to a point where you both can talk to each other regarding whatever issues in your life without any judgment to one another.

Why do you want to get “MARRIED”?

For love? For support?  Love is so much more than the euphoric feeling when it comes to marriage. Marriage asks you for commitment, not for months or years but for a lifetime.

Be honest and evaluate this within yourself that that is why you want to get married.

Don’t rush yourself into marriage due to family pressure or to something that you have been trying to avoid.


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Before you say “I do”, ask yourself if you admire each other, love each other and are willing to work things out no matter what.

Marriage is not a bed of roses filled with only happiness in la-la land with a rainbow over it all the time but, making a decision to go for it will be worth it because you are saying “I do” to the love of your life.

And an adventure awaits for both of you after that!

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