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Is Romance Dead?

Published on 23 September 2017|
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Hate to break it to you, folks. Romance is dead.

In an age when Tinder has replaced going out and meeting new people, when relationships fall apart faster than us clicking “trash” via mail, and when people travel more than ever before, you’re left wondering: is romance still alive? What is killing it? Do we even know how to be romantic anymore?

The Modern Dating Scene…

Let’s face it: the dating game has changed. A lot. In today’s digital age, it’s easier to get someone to go out with you compared to ten or twenty years ago. Just look at all the mobile dating apps available — they are thriving! And it makes sense.

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One of the key characteristics that defined Millennials is that they want instant gratification. They are always looking for that quick “dopamine fix”. A “match” or a text message brings that kind of high. A long-term relationship? Not necessarily. So why bother writing a love letter or bringing flowers to a date, when you can simply text and send an emoji… right?

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… and the Romance

According to a study, women aged 18 to 28 years old don’t consider themselves romantic because they think men don’t accept it. In turn, women don’t expect men to be romantic because it might scare them away. And yet, when they were asked what would be the one thing they would like to have in a relationship, the majority replied: romance.

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The Verdict

Clearly, romance is still one of the many factors to be considered when deciding to be in a relationship. It’s the one thing that most of us yearns for when looking for a partner. Sometimes, you just have to take a leap. Whether you’re part of the thriving Millennials or the old-fashioned generation, you can prove that romance is still alive and kicking by dating someone outside of a mobile app.

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