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Bromance VS Romance: Why Do Guys Choose Their Peers More

Published on 19 October 2017|
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Pals over gals, best friends over girlfriends, and bromance over romance!

This phenomenon is something that girlfriends and wives have been suspecting for a long time. Men tend to find bromance more emotionally rewarding than a romantic relationship with women.

Bromance over Romance

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Whether it is the lure of going to an all-guy drinks night, fishing or watching that annual football match together, guys are found to keep their better halves as only their second fiddle. Here’s why:

According to a recent study published by “Men and Masculinity”, it says that men usually prefer the emotional dependency on their peers over a romantic relationship.

Experts say that men feel less judged by their bro friends compared to their girlfriends.

Some of the catalysts that lead men to choose pals over gals are:

1.Men feel less judged by their peers than their girlfriends.

looking at each other

They say that “in a romantic relationship, men are supposed to keep a better version of them while in bro-manship, they can expose their fears, likes, dislikes and vulnerabilities without being judged.”

2.Men can easily open up about their prblems to their best friends compared to their girlfriends.


BromanceCredit: Maxim

Men often comfort the women when problems and conflicts arise, often discussing issues and managing it without being too emotional. Sometimes, men find it easier to confront their fellow peers because they are less emotional when handling any situation.

Young men are now able to ‘openly pronounce love’ to their male friends.

They now express their love for bros openly and are less worried about appearing “less manly”.

3. In bromance, guys say that there is no standard to keep up to.

guys road trip

In a relationship, men are expected to come up with certain standards. However, when it comes to their bros, they don’t have to adhere to any terms and conditions.

From One Direction’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson to Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney, there are many other celebrities who aren’t afraid of going all-out “bromance.”

Adding to this, having someone with whom you can be yourself with boosts your memory, sleep quality and health while decreasing the risks of chronic pains and heart attacks.

Guys fist bump

So, guys night? Anyone?

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