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On this special day, give your father the wonderful gift of time

Published on 14 June 2018|
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This Father’s Day, celebrate your fathers (no matter their interests) with simple and meaningful activities.

By Louise M, Carrybeans

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday and it’s a day we celebrate fathers or the father figures in our lives. So have you bought a gift yet? It’s okay if you haven’t because it’s not easy deciding on a special gift to give to a special man.

But that’s the thing. We think about what gift to buy instead of thinking about what truly matters. People say it’s the thought that counts but does it really? So, how about celebrating the day without unwrapping a present but just by being present?

Father’s Day ideas that celebrate the gift of time

Sports day

Whether you play indoor or outdoor sports, give dads the chance to spend the day doing what they like with you. Be his cheerleader or let him coach you. If he’s been trying to get you to try a sport you didn’t quite enjoy, this is the time to take him up on his offer.


Credit: Thepinsta

You’d be surprised to know how this time-consuming and supposedly strictly-for-the-ladies activity is much enjoyed by many men. These are great activities for those sentimental dads. This method of preserving, presenting, arranging personal and family history allows for the whole family to be involved. Sorting through photographs, printed media, and even artwork could bring up memories of past events and many interesting conversations.

 Movie marathon

Whether the whole family plonks on the sofa, on the comfortable floor, or in a makeshift mini movie theatre at home, watching his favourite movies together back-to-back will guarantee a memorable experience. Catch up on the latest movies or rewatch old family videos with his favourite snacks. Keep in mind though, fathers get to choose!

 Outdoor BBQ

Credit: Catering-by-design

Barbecued food and chilled beer make most fathers happy. If he’s not a drinker, then make a big bowl of non-alcoholic punch for everyone to enjoy! Get some music playing in the background or best yet, a jamming session. Bring out the musical instruments and get the charcoal going.

 Weekend getaway

You don’t even have to travel far. Just the change of scenery and an overnight stay at a relaxing place outside of town will do wonders (like Melangkap Campsite, for example!). Fathers who love photography will get the chance to play around with their DSLR or practice their photo-taking skills. 

Fathers and their wisdom

 Credit: Eddie Phan (CountryLiving)

Whatever you decide to do and however you wish to spend Father’s Day with your father, sometimes it really is the little things that matter.

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