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All The Best Halloween Costumes For Couples

Published on 27 October 2017|
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Autumn is here, and we love it! It’s time for pumpkin surprises, fashion statements and crazy parties! But wait – there’s more! That’s right — Halloween is just around the corner. With its amazing costumes and scary decorations, that’s one of our favourite holidays.

If you’re in a relationship, Halloween may present some challenges for you. What is the perfect couple costume for you and your boo? Let’s take a look at some amazing ideas:

Rainbow & Unicorn

Rainbow and Unicorn costumes

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This costume is just too cute! If your man agrees to it, you’ll know that he’s the One! Never let him go!

Kissing Sailor

Kissing sailor

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All you need is a sailor’s costume and a white dress, and you’re ready to bring history to life! Recreate this iconic look and be the hit of the party!

A Silent Movie Couple

Silent movie couple

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What could be more romantic that an old, black and white, silent movie? The only way to express yourself back then was through movement and just a few written words. Fall in love all over again!


Zootopia costumes

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Remember the amazing animation that stole our hearts back in 2016? Why not recreate some of the iconic looks from Zootopia? Become the brave officer Judy Hopps or Mayor Lion Heart!

Pocahontas & John Smith

Pocahontas costumes

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Who could forget the touching Disney movie, Pocahontas? Become another iconic couple and wake your childhood up!

Marie Laveau & Papa Legba

Marie Laveau & Papa Legba costumes

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For fans of American Horror Story, this is the perfect costume. In the show, Marie gives her soul to Papa in return for eternal life. Find the Haitian Voodoo spirit inside of you!

Beauty & The Beast

Beauty and the Beast costumes

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Since the movie came out, we fell in love with the story of Belle and the Beast all over again! We laughed, and we cried with them, and it only makes sense to honour them this Halloween with a costume!

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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