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Happy Best Friends Day! Who is your best friend?

Published on 08 June 2018|
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It’s Best Friends Day today and we’re taking it as an opportunity to pay tribute to our own.

by Emily Mary Chin, Carrybeans

A best friend is a very intangible thing.  Everyone has their own individual reasoning as to why a specific someone deserves the title.  A lot of the time, it’s not that easy to put into words.  But today, we at Carrybeans are going to try.

 Andy and Robin

“We met in Form 2 of secondary school.  It took a while but we slowly became best friends after going through many things together.  We have built up so many memories over the years.  Robin is someone I know I can rely on no matter what.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand.  He’s there whenever I need help, no excuses, even in financial situations.  Sometimes when we make plans, he’ll tell me he’s on the way even though he just woke up and that’s when I appreciate him a little less.  But he never stops being my best friend.

“In life, we don’t need a lot of friends.  Just a few true ones is more than enough.”

Emily and Fay

“Fay and I first met when we were in our last year of primary school.  I tried being her friend early on but she very clearly did not want anything to do with me.  She inevitably warmed up to me a few months later, we ended up going to the same high school, and we’ve been joined at the hip ever since.  There were moments over the years, as we grew into ourselves, where it felt like our friendship would falter and fade.  But time is a funny thing and its effects are stronger than we give it credit for.

“Fay’s my best friend because of all the time between the last 14 years that she’s fought to stay in touch.  She’s my best friend because instead of growing up and apart, we’ve grown stronger and closer at every turn.  She’s my best friend because even though our lives have gone down completely separate roads, we still find inspiration and respect in each other.  She’s my best friend because no matter how hazy my vision for the future gets, I can still see her in it.”

Louise and Leah

“I was so excited to find out that I was having a girl.  She was and still is an answered prayer.  Now three years old, my daughter, Leah Marise, is my little best friend.  She might be too young to truly understand the meaning of BFF, but I tell her she’s mine ever so often.  It melts my heart whenever she tells me,”Mama, we’re best friends.”  And I always make sure to add, “Forever.”

“We spend every day and night together just playing, talking, and telling stories.  I ask her about her day and I tell her about mine, and we have our own interesting conversations.  It’s a nice feeling to have her sleeping beside me at night and I hope she feels the same knowing that I’m beside her.

“She’s my best friend because we’re so much alike.  When I’m sad, she comforts me with a kiss.  When I’m happy, she laughs along with me.  And I try my very best to make sure she knows that she’s dearly loved every single day.  There might be times that we just want our own space, but at the end of the day we will forever be in each other’s lives.”

Stanley and Gonggok

“Gonggok has been my best friend ever since she was born.  I’m not sure if she considers me hers but, oh well!  At first, my family was very hesitant to keep her because we already had so many dogs to begin with.  But her cuteness won us over and she has since been a great addition to our family.  She bring so much happiness to the whole family that she (and in extension, the other dogs too) takes precedence whenever we are trying to plan a family trip, i.e. the trip won’t happen unless there’s someone to take care of the dogs.

“I feel like we trust each other enough to know that we can depend on each other.  I can be more of myself when I am with her (bless her and her nose for putting up with my farts) and despite that, she never judges me at all.  And on her end, she can always depend on me to give her bits of KFC chicken or sau nyuk.  I’ve also experienced many firsts with her, something that has definitely made us closer over time.  For example, she is the first dog to sleep inside the house instead of her own enclosure.  She’s also the first dog that I don’t mind giving little kisses to.

“I’ve always considered myself blessed to have several best friends.  And to have one be a dog is something that I cherish.  Sure, we have our bad days when she’s being finicky and diva-ish, and when I get annoyed with her for trying to bite me.  But hey, that’s friendship!”


“I’ve never had a best friend.  Maybe it’s because as I get older, I’ve become more selective with who I hang out with.  I am a very goal-driven person and I do anything to get what I want.  That means having friends who only bring out the best in me.  I think a best friend should be someone that I can share a meal with while watching the stars.  We don’t necessarily have to be perfectly compatible, but a best friend should be the yang to my yin-like persona.  A best friend should know me inside out and still choose to stand by my side.”

“But so far, in my 26 years, I haven’t found a friend who really does that yet.  Am I too choosy?  Maybe.  I hope that I won’t one day regret it.  It is quite correct to say that I am a selfish person.  Everyday, I stick to my own schedule because everyday, I strive to become better for myself.  I make sure to exercise and watch my health.  I read for 30 minutes to an hour everyday.  I meditate and spend time in nature for the sake of my own inner well-being.  I am constantly finding new things to learn and grow from, whether it’s learning sign language, learning to speak Dusun, or volunteering.  I also make sure to treat myself since I’m a big eater.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’ve been my own best friend all along.”

Being a good friend is hard work.  Take time out of today to show appreciation for whoever it is you consider your best friend, even if it is your dog, your daughter, or yourself.  Always remember, friendship comes in many forms and doesn’t have to be between two people.

Happy Best Friends Day to all our lovely readers!

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