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It’s Children’s Day! 5 ways to spend time with your little one

Published on 20 November 2017|
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by Olivia James, Carrybeans

Did you know that November 20 is Children’s Day?

Back in 1954, the United Nations chose a specific day to celebrate Universal Children’s Day. It is to “promote international togetherness”, to raise “awareness among children worldwide” and “improving children’s welfare”.


So Sabahans, why don’t we join the rest of the world and celebrate this joyful day with the little ones in our family? Hence, here are 5 ways to celebrate Children’s Day with your little one sometime this week.

Make breakfast together

Start off the day with your little one in the kitchen making breakfast. It can be his favourite pancakes, omelette or sandwich. Invite your child to the kitchen and tell him he is “Chef Wan” or the main chef for the day. He’ll definitely have a fun time spreading strawberry jam or putting cups of flour into the mixing bowl (it’s also one way for him to be exposed to kitchen work).

Grab some fresh air

Another fun way to celebrate Children’s Day is to spend the day outdoors. It doesn’t have to be somewhere costly like the theme park (it’s up to you though). You and your daughter can just take a walk in the park in your neighbourhood or have a picnic at the beach. This activity is something that she’ll enjoy, and sunshine is always good for the soul!

Play dress up

Were you into playing dress ups when you were a child? Why not relive old memories by doing the same with your child this time? Let your little one try out your scarves and shoes (and sunnies too!) and remember to have a mini fashion show for the rest of the family members. Oh, do not forget to take some pictures!

Play traditional games from your childhood

Children’s Day is actually the best time to introduce your child to unique games, other than Angry Bird or other digital games. Introduce them to traditional games such as batu seremban, congkak, guli and even ketinting. Ah, those were the days…..

Donate things to children in need together

If your child is at that age where he is already able to understand things, why not share with him the meaning of Universal Children’s Day? You can do this by telling him about unfortunate children (or show him videos) and how lucky he is to have the things that he has now.

Next, you can bring him to his bedroom or playroom and ask him whether there is anything that he wants to donate to the kids. Then, both of you can make a trip to a local orphanage to deliver the things that your little one has personally picked out.

Have you made plans on what to do with your little one on Children’s Day? If not, would you consider doing any of the suggestions above? Share with us in the comment section below.SaveSave

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