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Why wait for the weekend? 5 reasons to love Thursdates

Published on 09 November 2017|
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Hello, Thursdates! And you thought that weekends were the best days to go on dates.


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Whether Cupid just came and hit you or sparks have been flying with someone at work, dates should never have to wait till the weekend. At the dating stage, you’re getting to know each other better, and it’s always good to show you can’t wait to spend time with the person.

Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but dates help you find out if you’re a good fit.


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So, why wait? Weekdays can be just as fun, and Thursdates are the best because well, it’s a pun and sounds cool. Plus, we’ve got some great reasons why your next date should be on a Thursday.

Both of you get a break from the weekday monotony

It is already past mid-week, and you may be looking for a break from the monotonous work routine. You’re gearing up for the weekend, but there’s still Friday to get through.

As a morning hangover at work may not be what you want, Thursdates are a good chance to spend quality time with your date. You can spend a great evening together, catching a movie or having a quiet dinner. That way, you’ll be well-rested and all ready for the weekend!

Thursdates are purely special

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While every date is special, Thursdates show that the both of you really want to spend time together, that you’re making time after work to be with that person and showing you care. It means that despite the inconvenience of it all, the date is worth it.

With the weekend just within grasp, moods are lifted


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Yes, it is just one day to the weekend so chances are that you (and your date) will be in a good mood, which usually means great conversation and quality time. This could work well in your favour for a weekend date, or dates!

That’s why we like Thursdates, not Wednesdates.

Enjoy a serene night without the weekend noise


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Since many people shy away from weeknight plans, you’re more likely to get a quieter restaurant, less packed cinema or empty street on Thursdates. You won’t have to worry about noise, random strangers doing awkward things or your order taking ages to arrive.

You earn brownie points for effective time management


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And finally, Thursdates mean you may have a little more time during the weekend to give to friends or family. If you and your date both can’t keep up with your weekend appointments, shifting date night to Thursday may be the best idea ever. Points for effective time management!

So there you have it, five great reasons why Thursdates are a go. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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