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5 Questions To Ask Your Forever Person

Published on 09 September 2017|
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Should we or should we not?

You stand at an interesting point in your life where you will be hitched with him sooner or later. Whether due to lack of interest or because of ignorance, many couples tend not to ask those difficult questions before marriage. We sure you know about that of career, ex’s, likes and dislikes of your better half but it is important to know him more than that before you walk down the aisle and be pronounced husband and wife.

Have a heart to heart conversation with your forever person and ask him/her these five questions.

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How will you discuss family issues? Will you silently shut it down or would you calmly deal with them?

The answer to this question will give you an insight on how your partner will react to the conflicts raised with regards to family issues. Keep a check, if he is serious in answering this question or is acting in a subtly cool manner. One of the key thing that adds to a success of a relationship, is based on how you deal with each other’s differences, says Couple Institute.

Ask him regarding his favourite music album, song, or band.

This might not mean much at a glance but the type of music people listen to tells you a lot about them. There is a reason that the so called “Music Therapy” exists. It is a strong, intriguing way to tell how the person feels from inside.

Can you deal with me doing things without you?

According to PAIRS, there are couples who love to keep the corners of their life private even though they are getting married to their forever person. Some are unwilling to discuss their hobbies and interests while other don’t like to share their “ME time” which could lead to stress in the relationships.

Before you get hitched, ask him/her whether they can deal with you doing things without them and come to a balanced decision of how to work this issue out between the both of you.

Is there any major lie that you have told that you have yet to tell him/her?

Honesty is the best policy and trust is a key factor that any relationship should be built upon. Come clean of any major lie that you have yet to tell him/her. It might be hard at first but in the long run, this will save and keep your future marriage with him/her.


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How do you see our married life in next ten years?

This question will help give you an insight on what are his/her prospects regarding marriage. Will he/she file for a divorce when there is trouble in the relationship or will he/she continue to stand by you for life come what may? Do the both of you want the same thing in life the next ten years? Do you both want kids? Is relocating okay for both of you? Talk all these things out.

His/her response will let you know whether you both could see eye to eye in the next ten, twenty years down the line.

According to the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, if you don’t deal with the issues before marriage, you might have to deal with them after marriage so best to know about some real stuff before tying the knot.

Go on. Ask away!

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