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Boxing Day: Its History And How It Is Celebrated

Well, first of all, Boxing Day has nothing to do with the boxing sport!

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Ghost Story : Woman Crying

This ghostly story took place one night at my school hostel. Our hostel had been facing electricity failures due to short-circuiting over the past four months, and so it was that fateful night. But let me start my story. It was 12.30am. My friend and […]

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Ghost Story : Voices of the Motel

My first supernatural encounter was back in 2016 when I was working as a lecturer in a private college in Keningau. During my stay, I lived with my sister in the teachers’ flats since both of us weren’t locals in the area. At the time, […]

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Ghost Story : Lady In White

As I resumed my nap, I suddenly went into my dream state of mind where I was in a vacuum: dark, humid and silent. I was partially dreaming but conscious at the same time. I was very sure that I was physically sleeping, but I […]

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Submit Your Horror Stories

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Ghost Story : The “Langsuir” Encounter

My ghostly encounter happened when I was on my way to work at a retail shop. At that time, the call for Muslim morning prayer known as “azan” was reverberating. I started the engine of my car which was parked outside. As I was driving, […]