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Celebrating World Senior Citizens Day with some words of wisdom

Published on 21 August 2018|
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Great pieces of advice from Malaysian senior citizens.

By Louise M., Carrybeans

World Senior Citizens Day is celebrated on the 21st of August every year. The day is celebrated to show our appreciation and acknowledge the older generation for all that they have done. Their selfless service, especially for their families, deserves some importance and dedicating a particular day of the year for them provides an opportunity to show them some love.

Since they have gone through life much longer than most of us, let’s find out what pieces of advice some of them have to share.

Words of wisdom from our seniors

Foo Yuen C, aged 55, administrator

…on priorities.

“Faith in God, Family, Career. When you put it in that order, everything falls into place.”

…on love.

“Love must always be the motive. When you love, you want the best for the other person and in so doing, you give the best to yourself.”

…on attitude.

“Be joyful always, and remember that no matter what happens, it’s not the end of the world.”


Judith S, 59, kindergarten teacher

…on making mistakes.

“Never be afraid of making mistakes because that’s where we receive our greatest lessons.”

…on finding a life partner.

1. Don’t marry a man who’s too good-looking, women will always be eyeing him.
2. Don’t marry a mummy’s boy, you will forever have a third person in your marriage and he will always look for mum when the going gets tough.
3. Marry a strong man of faith.

Credit: Helena Lopes

Sharon E, 60, business owner

…on friendship.

“You don’t need many friends, but you do need friendship. So work on cultivating lasting, solid friendships with just a handful of people who will understand, advise and care for you.”

…on experiencing hardships.

“Never see challenges or responsibility as a thief of happiness. If you embrace them and take them in stride, they will be stepping stones to success, fulfillment and a deep joy that cannot be attained otherwise.”

…on career development.

“Be diligent, passionate, hard-working and thorough in anything you’re tasked with. That way, you will always be an asset and sought after.”


Ruzina J, 62, staff nurse

…on being true to yourself.

“You should do the things that you enjoy doing not for the money or prestige or for the sake of others.”

…on your choices.

“No one can force you to do the things that they want you to do; after all it’s your life. The choice should be yours.”


Bill C, 65, manager

…on money.

“Don’t be a slave of money at the expense of a better and less stressful life.”

…on living your life.

“Live your life looking positively at what you have and not what you should have.”

…on faith.

“Always look at God and not yourself, and trust in His love and providence.”


We can learn a lot from the experiences of those who are much older than us. Whether you heed the advice or not, hopefully, you at least take it as a lesson in life. 

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