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The SELFIE Generation: When are selfies inappropriate?

Published on 25 June 2018|
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It’s 2018 and selfies have since positioned themselves as mainstays of the millennial generation, but when do selfies go too far?

by Emily Mary Chin, Carrybeans

Society today is slowly but surely learning how to not just tolerate selfies but also embrace them.  Selfies are beneficial to self esteem and can be great tools for empowerment.  They provide a platform for people to express their individuality and create their own representation in society.

But despite that, there are some things that a selfie is not qualified to express or represent.

The disaster selfie

Credit: Guff

Whether it’s an in-flight emergency, a car accident or a burning house, it’s a wonder how people even find the time to take a photo.  But where there’s a will, there’s usually a way.  And if our generation is good at anything, it’s finding the most impossible ways to take a selfie.

People go to extraordinary extents to take selfies that are equally so.  But maybe when someone nearby is in distress or at risk of dying, we could put down the front-facing camera for a bit?

The funeral selfie

Credit: YouTube

When selfies are taken in the same room where tears are running, someone in the room may be lacking some self awareness.  But the #selfie generation loves documentation and they rather let their camera lenses do it for them than dare rely on their own two eyes.  Who can deny a person the right to document their own memories?  And in a lot of cases, sure, it can make sense to want a selfie, to want to be the star of your own memory.

But there are some memories that don’t necessarily need to be documented with a selfie.  Some memories don’t need a star.  And funerals are definitely one of those times.

The fatal selfie

Credit: Viralscape

There’s possibly nothing more unnecessary than the fatal selfie.  The fact that such a thing even exists is a tragedy in and of itself.  Like I said earlier, people go to great extents to get the perfect selfie, taking great risks even.  There have been cases of people falling to their deaths, drowning, being electrocuted, even being trampled to death, all for the sake of a selfie.

Call me old school, but I don’t think a selfie is worth even one life, let alone so many.

The problem with the selfie

And so the problem isn’t with the selfie itself but with the society that exploits it.  There has never been anything in the history of the world that was so good that it didn’t require moderation.  Too much of anything is a bad thing.  And there is a place for everything too.  So let’s keep the selfies from the places that might permanently damage our lives, please.

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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