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Raleigh Borneo ceases operations after 31 years of sustainable change

Published on 13 September 2018|
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Raleigh Borneo is closing down its operations after 31 years in Sabah.

by Stanley P, Carrybeans

After 31 years of bringing positive change to communities in Sabah, Raleigh Borneo will be ceasing operations in October 2018. At a closing ceremony on 8 September, Raleigh Borneo handed over the Legacy Charter to Raleigh Malaysia.

Impacting the lives of Sabahans since 1987

Raleigh Borneo started back in 1987 and since then, the organisation has supported 28,573 people in rural communities, nine conservation areas and 25 environmental sites in Sabah. There have been 71 expeditions over the years with 6,516 volunteers from both Malaysia and around the globe. The organisation also have worked with numerous partners in Sabah, including PACOS Trust, Yayasan Sabah and Asian Forestry Company Sabah (AFCS).

“We’re very proud of what Raleigh Borneo has achieved these last 31 years, in partnership with so many organisations and communities in Sabah.”

– Adam J. Young, Raleigh Borneo Programmes Manager

The decision to cease operations was not an easy one. But Malaysia is now a country recording a high Human Development Index (HDI); it is currently the highest among the countries that Raleigh has worked in. So, in line with the organisation’s strategy to support countries with low to medium HDI, Raleigh Borneo is halting operations here.

Continuing the legacy of Raleigh Borneo

The departure of Raleigh Borneo in Malaysia doesn’t mean that the effort to bring sustainable change in Sabah will stop. Raleigh Malaysia will take over the helm in contributing towards sustainable development in Malaysia.

Raleigh Malaysia consists of two existing Raleigh societies in Malaysia. The societies, Raleigh Sabah Society and Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur, have been working very closely with Raleigh International over the past year as a way to empower and prepare Raleigh Malaysia to continue the legacy of Raleigh Borneo.

“We are excited for the future and a closer collaboration between [Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur] and the Raleigh Sabah Society. We collaborate to achieve one goal; to empower young people in Malaysia to create long-lasting positive change for the community and environment.”

– Carrot Ho Chung Shin, Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur President

In the Closing Ceremony, Raleigh International’s Head of Countries Dr. Brandon Charleston officially handed over the Legacy Charter to both societies.

“I’m filled with optimism and excitement for what will be achieved by Raleigh Malaysia. I’m always humbled by the passion and dedication of their members, and their desire to carry on the mission of Raleigh Borneo. The future of our work in Malaysia is in safe and capable hands.”

– Adam J. Young, Raleigh Borneo Programmes Manager

The end of a legacy and the beginning of a new one

It’s bittersweet that Raleigh Borneo will be leaving Sabah, but with every end comes a new beginning. Raleigh Malaysia will continue to bring positive change to Malaysia on par with the level of impact and standard of operational safety of other Raleigh programmes. So people can rest be assured that the efforts started by Raleigh Borneo will still continue.

Raleigh Malaysia will be having its first expedition early next year in Maliau Basin with 20 volunteers. The aim of the expedition is to forge a new trail for both researchers and travellers. They are also hoping to find new species in the area.

So to Raleigh Borneo, thank you for your faithful service over the years. And to Raleigh Malaysia, good luck.

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