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New Year, New You? Why We Make New Year’s Resolutions

Published on 30 December 2017|
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In history, the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions about 4000 years back. They were also our ancestors who celebrated and honored the New Year, which falls in mid-March instead of January. According to History.com, mid-March was when they planted the crops.

But one question still stands: why do we make New Year resolutions anyway? Well, check these out.

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Resolutions help get things done

First things first, these resolutions are the promises that we make for the New Year, no matter how we commit in achieving those goals (*coughcough* weight loss *coughcough*). These promises come in different forms. Eating less junk food or drinking less alcoholic drinks are some of them. Some resolve of enrolling in a gym or a fitness program. Others promise of engaging in community projects.

With a set goal or two, you get up early and work towards achieving those aspirations. Goals need to be accomplished, so we do what we have to do to get those met. But for some, New Year’s Resolutions become faint memories after a month or so because they get distracted or give up. The end result? They fail at achieving what they set from the beginning.

Goals provide us with vision, direction and clarity. Without them, we risk wasting our money, energy and resources. So if you have a resolution (or goal), stick with it and work it out.

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why do we make new year resolutions, why people make new year’s resolutions, new year resolutions, goals, plans, 2017, aspirations, life goals

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A fresh, clean start

The New Year gives us an allure of starting anew. The idea of having a fresh, clean start to become an improved person is a great motivator for many of us. And what better time to be a new person than the New Year?

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These resolutions makes us feel good!

Most popular resolutions, including losing weight, saving money, enjoying life and spending more quality time with families, are great things when accomplished. We make these New Year’s resolutions to make ourselves happier, healthier or simply feel better about ourselves.

Even if many of us don’t follow through, these promises we make give us a certain belief level and hope to change and become what we really want to be in life.

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So there you have itthe reasons why we make New Year’s resolutions. Sticking with your resolution for the whole year can be very tough. So whenever you feel like losing motivation, just remind yourself why you set that goal in the first place. Hopefully, it will renew your motivation once more.

Good luck with your New Year’s resolutions!


What are your New Year’s resolutions and how do you plan of achieving it? Share them with the community!

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