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It’s ‘Be Kind to Lawyers’ Day and here’s what it means

Published on 10 April 2018|
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Some parents discourage their children from becoming lawyers. But, why so much negativity? Here’s why you need to show lawyers a bit of kindness.

By Louise M, Carrybeans

How this day came about

Did you know that today, April 10, is Be Kind to Lawyers Day? It was first celebrated on April 8, 2008, after a non-lawyer named Steve Hughes established the day. He believed that lawyers in the US did not deserve the negative publicity that they regularly received from the public and therefore proposed a day to celebrate those who make it their responsibility to handle legal matters.

After a decade of celebration, it seems as though many people still hate lawyers until they need one. It’s rather unfortunate that lawyers of all sorts are portrayed as either the “good guys” or the “bad guys”. Innocent until proven guilty, right?

Here’s why we should show lawyers a bit of kindness

Law school is tough

A law degree involves reading a lot of law books. It involves remembering a lot of things. It demands a particular mix of certain skills. You need to be prepared to sit down and learn cases, know the legislation and case law, and how to apply it to a fact pattern. All of these do not stop after school; it continues on.

Feel the stress yet?

They carry a heavy burden

Credit: Jacob Emrani

A lawyer can change someone’s life. Good lawyers know this and take it extremely seriously. They need a high level of commitment to grasp and apply the law to ensure justice, protection of freedom, and law-abiding resolution of disputes. They must provide excellent representation in specific areas especially when they serve us.

That’s quite a load, right?

Days and nights are at times a blur

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Their working days are usually long, tiring, and stressful. They invest a lot of time and energy to get the best possible outcome for their clients. Most of their work is done in offices, law libraries, and courtrooms, but when necessary they will meet at the clients’ homes or places of business, in hospitals, or even prisons.

Don’t you think they need a break?

Lawyers are on-hand to step in whenever you need them to protect your interests, ensure your legal rights and (if you’re friends) kindly give bits of advice without charge. Many of them are genuinely passionate about their work and are often some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.

Be Kind to Lawyers Day falls on Tuesday, the second week of April, every year. Don’t forget!

Now, let’s also celebrate our planet’s cultural diversity on International Understanding Day!


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