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Alone this Christmas? Here’s how to make it a fun one

Published on 22 December 2017|
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Did you know that nearly 45% of the world’s population celebrate Christmas?

For some, it’s a holy day and for others, it’s a holly jolly season.

You will see shoppers, gifts, twinkly lights, food, Santa, and happy people laden with gifts all around you, but you don’t feel the Christmas magic. Why? It seems you’re going to be alone this Christmas.

Yes, it’s not easy celebrating Christmas alone when everyone else has people to spend it with. Here are  simple ways to help the day go by and throw some fun in while you’re at it.

5 ways to celebrate christmas

Give yourself the royal treatment

If you’re staying in, get the Christmas atmosphere going. Head to the store and grab a bottle of wine, order some of your favourite takeaway and give yourself a good treat. Put on some Christmas music or catch up on your television series.

Be a shutterbug

If you enjoy taking photos, take to the streets and capture the beauty all around you. You may even catch people sharing intimate moments such as a laugh or secret. Sometimes, you may find people struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift. These little moments are worth a shot!

ways to celebrate Christmas alone

Get creative in the house

If you’re crafty, this quiet day at home is perfect to do things you love. Cook, compose or get crafty; make Christmas cards or centerpieces to decorate your home.

Lend a hand to others in need

With time on your hands, how about looking out for someone else in need? Volunteer at a local charity or soup kitchen. Gather your old clothes, shoes, and toys and donate it to families who may be having a tougher Christmas than you.

alone this Christmas? ways to celebrate

Buy yourself a gift

Who says you can’t buy gifts for yourself?

If you are alone, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve presents. Buy a bunch of gifts under $10, or treat yourself to that one, expensive item you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Make the day on your own and embrace it. After all, your lone Christmas will be the day you’ll be telling stories of to your loved ones.

Spending Christmas alone this year? Let us know what your plans are. We wish you a very meaningful season!

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