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Struggling with baby names? Tips on naming your little bundle of joy

Published on 17 April 2018|
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Congratulations, you’re having a baby! What’s the next thing that comes to mind?

by Louise M, Carrybeans

Do I hear baby names? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Let’s look at some helpful and creative ways on how you could name your little bundle of joy.

Names are important. You want a name that you love and also a name that (hopefully) your child will love. You could go for traditional or unique names, but it should be a name that is both meaningful and special. Naming a baby can be quite stressful, but you have about 9 months to go through your thought process before finally ending up with a name that you fall in love with.

Let’s begin. Take a piece of A4 paper, vertically divide it into two columns, and write boy on one column and girl on the other. Now, let’s have some fun!

Creative ways of naming your baby

1. Use initials

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Use the first letter of your name to list down some of your favourite boys’ and girls’ names. If your name starts with the letter “A”, write down a list of “A” names. Thinking of giving a second (or middle) name? Then maybe a name that lets your child’s initial spell out a (nick)name. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spell out the initials that sound like your name!

2. Number of syllables

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Go for an easy 1-syllable name like “John” or “Jane” or a 2-syllable name like “Stanley” or “Stacy”. Two single syllable names also create two syllables. It could be short and sweet or long and unique, it’s all up to you! Play around with some of your favourite names until you come up with a length that you are most comfortable with. Take note, there might come a time where you will (have to) call out your child’s full name.

3. Cut and paste or jumble it up

Create a new name by using your and your partner’s name, your parents’ name, or even some of your favourite names. Join a syllable from one name with a syllable from another name and get creative. You could also try out some of those couple name generators like this and have fun looking at names that it comes up with. Quirky names might pop out, but you never know what zany names could sound good to you.

4. Honour a loved one

Credit: Ged Lawson

What better way to honour a loved one than having your child named after them? If the person is deceased, it’s a great way to honour the memory of the person whom you hold dearly in your heart. However, do make sure that your significant other is fine with the idea and agrees to the chosen name. If it’s a living person, bonding time with the name-holder and your baby will be a very sweet occasion.

5. Other names

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Find religious names with meanings that you hope to bless your child with. There are also many beautiful names from specific regions, names of characters from movies or books, and mythological names from Greek or Roman tales. How about names from a word of your native language that holds a positive connotation?

Don’t rush this naming process. You don’t need to stress yourself. When you have your list ready, stick it somewhere visible. The name you will decide for your child will be the name that keeps coming to mind and a name that leaves a soft spot in your heart.

Do remember though, the name will identify your child and you don’t want it to become a burden for your little one. Enjoy the process, and congratulations on your new addition!

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