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8 tips to make every second of your time count

Published on 30 August 2018|
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Because time and tide waits for no (wo)man.
By Louise M, Carrybeans

Have you experienced the feeling of time moving at a different pace at different times? Sometimes you have more hours to spare in a day, sometimes it’s just not enough.

Did you make full use of your day or were you just wasting most of it? Well, let’s make every second count and find out how to better manage your time.

8 time management tips to make every second of your time count

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1. Start a time diary.

Track how you spend your time daily. Reflect on how to better spend your time when you realise how much time you’ve been wasting.

2. Mark your calendars.

Schedule tasks and actually see the dedicated time for specific activities. Have a visual reminder of how many things you’re working on to help you prioritize your current projects and figure out whether you can add on new ones.

3. Set a reminder.

Remind yourself of what you need to do and set a deadline for each of the items on your list. Batch similar tasks and remove anything that isn’t critical.

4. Work on tasks that are important-but-not-urgent.

Do at least one important-but-not-urgent task every day. Make sure you advance on your goals.

5. Set a time limit for important tasks.

Limit how much time you give yourself to work on important tasks. This forces you to focus and expend more energy over less time to get the tasks done faster.

6. Set buffer time.

Insert buffer time into your schedule to deal with the unexpected. It’s understandable that you can’t plot every day down to the exact minute.

7. Do something during wait-time.

Find simple things to do where you don’t try to do much. Allow yourself some down-time between tasks and take a breath of fresh air.

8. Make time accessible.

Put up a wall clock, wear a wristwatch, or magnify the time on your handphone and tablet. If you see time, you can tell time, and when you can tell time, you can keep track of time.

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You will not get back any of the time that has passed. So, make your time worthwhile and enjoy what you’re doing with the people in your life.

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