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5 jazz albums that made their mark in music history

Published on 05 December 2017|
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Are you a lover of jazz, music that’s impossible to forget?

Well, this musical genre is either loved or hated, using unusual notes and combinations to create interesting and emotion-packed tunes.

But, did you know that-

Jazz has been in our lives for centuries, and certain tracks will take you through history. 

And because it has been streaming down through multiple decades, it becomes a nearly impossible task to choose the “top ones”. We know that jazz is best experienced live, but in this article, we have compiled albums considered to be the creme de la creme. Buckle up and get your ears ready-

Kind Of Blue- Miles Davis

Jazz music

Credit: Vimeo

Influential and universally loved, Kind Of Blue by Mike Davis is definitely a unique masterpiece that is even loved by non-jazz fans. This album is literally the re-birth of cool jazz.

Listen to it here!

A Love Supreme- John Coltrane

Jazz music

Credit: Blankobtest

Love Supreme- one of the best records ever made!

Concise, demanding, and technically outstanding, Love Supreme is a three-part album that should feature in every complete collection.

Listen to it here!

Speak No Evil- Wayne Shorter

Jazz music

Credit: Youtube

For this album, Shorter said, “I was thinking of misty landscapes with wildflowers and strange, dim shapes— the kind of place where folklore and legends are born.”

With elements of modal jazz and bop, this album will show you the beauty of singular lyricism.

Listen to it here!

Saxophone Colossus – Sonny Rollins

Jazz music

Credit: Youtube

Although this album only has five songs, guess what? All 5 songs became mega hits!

Listen to it here!

Held on the Tips of Fingers- Seb Rochford

Jazz music

Credit: Amazon

With a mélange of jazz, electric music, and Balkan melancholy sounds, this album by the Polar Bear band will give you many adventures into a fusion journey between classic and modern music.

Listen to it here.

Each album represents a different emotion and gives you a varied glimpse into the world of jazz music.

If you’re not yet a fan, give these albums a listen and you may be converted for life!

Did we miss any of the masterpieces on our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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