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The PERMA Model: A Theory of Happiness and Wellbeing

The PERMA model is made up of five simple elements for practising positive psychology to turn your life around.

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Celebrities and Suicide: What is the ripple effect of suicide?

In the last year, some of our most beloved public figures have died by suicide.  Does this affect us more than we realize?

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The recent outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease is worrying Malaysians

The spread of the disease is a definite cause for concern among parents.

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A century-old question: Is age really just a number?

Malaysia’s current Prime Minister turned 93 recently and it seems that age could really be just a number.

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10 things to do when you are not in the mood

When you don’t feel like doing anything but need to get your mind off of things.

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There is an undeniable link between mental illness and creativity

Mental illness is a common denominator among many of our favourite writers and artists from decades past.

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Mood vs Personality: What is the difference in these mental disorders?

With society advancing at increasingly rapid speeds, mental disorders now have more places to grow, as well as hide.

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Celebrate World Yoga Day with your very own flow

It’s World Yoga Day today and we’re celebrating with a few basic poses anyone can use to create their very own yoga flow!

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World Cup health risks: Football fans brace yourself

The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 fever is about to reach epidemic proportions.