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Epilepsy: Understanding the illness and dispelling the stigma

There are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding epilepsy, but one woman’s story is inspiring others.

Why you should consider a social media detox

Social media is still relatively new to society.  We are only just starting to figure out what it does to our mental health.

5 traditional medicines every Malaysian home should have

Traditional medicines: the type of medicine many Malaysian households believe in.

Sabah ranks high on the list of tuberculosis cases

Sabah has recorded some of the country’s highest numbers of tuberculosis cases.

Are you having a Blue Monday or just post-weekend blues?

Feeling like it’s a Blue Monday? Well, you’re probably having the post-weekend blues!

6 exercises for an abs-olutely strong core

If you’re a a fitness junkie or slogging your way there, toned abs is what you usually aim for first. But how?!

World Autism Awareness Day: Myths About Autism

It’s World Autism Awareness Day!  

Does putting on the pounds mean prosperity?

If we’re prosperous and well-fed, does that mean overweight and obesity are knocking at our door?

Sabah has the highest number of mental health issues

With almost half of all Sabahans facing mental health issues, what can we do about it?

For a stress-free life, this is Japanese minimalism

Have you ever walked into a room thinking, “There are just too many things here!” Then, it’s time for minimalism.