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World Cup health risks: Football fans brace yourself

The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 fever is about to reach epidemic proportions.

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Here are telltale signs that you may just be an ambivert

We’ve heard of introverts and extroverts, but you enjoy crowds yet need alone time. Are you neither or both?

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Questions About Being Vegan: Answered

There are many reasons to go vegan and they range from environmental to health to even economic benefits.

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To gym or not to gym, that’s a question we need to answer

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s most notable Hamlet quote, I think he would have chosen not to gym.

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Epilepsy: Understanding the illness and dispelling the stigma

There are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding epilepsy, but one woman’s story is inspiring others.

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Focus: Does Malaysia have a mental health problem?

Mental health issues are of concern but conversation surrounding them is still severely stigmatised.

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Why you should consider a social media detox

Social media is still relatively new to society.  We are only just starting to figure out what it does to our mental health.

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5 traditional medicines every Malaysian home should have

Traditional medicines: the type of medicine many Malaysian households believe in.

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Sabah ranks high on the list of tuberculosis cases

Sabah has recorded some of the country’s highest numbers of tuberculosis cases.

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Are you having a Blue Monday or just post-weekend blues?

Feeling like it’s a Blue Monday? Well, you’re probably having the post-weekend blues!