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3 min read

Make your day better with MoodMojee

Lift your day and boost your mood with MoodMojee!

2 min read

Beanie Eats: Cherry Restaurant’s Tilapia Set Menu

Get your fresh tilapia at Cherry Restaurant!

2 min read

Pouring the Perfect Pint with Heineken

Learn the five-step Heineken pouring ritual with The Star Academy of Heineken Malaysia.

2 min read

Beanie Eats: Kedai Kopi Yee Fung, Gaya Street

Yummy Sabah-style Curry Laksa Noodles and more.

2 min read

Beanie Eats: Tasty Wok’s Seasonal Special

With more than 30 dim sum options already on their menu, Tasty Wok is upping their game even more with five new ones.

2 min read

Why mamak stalls are so popular and loved by Malaysians

For the love of teh tarik and roti canai.

2 min read

7 stomach-churning foods to challenge your taste buds!

If you have an adventurous palate and a stomach made of steel, this is nothing.

2 min read

Beanie Eats: Flour & Co., Damai Plaza

Flour & Co. has got gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options, tackling health and environmental concerns both at the same time.

2 min read

Hey Malaysia, do we really need to be throwing so much food away?

Why throw your food into the trash when you can throw it back into the earth instead?