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2 min read

Unrealistic Beauty Standards: The companies that are saying no

It is 2018.  Consumers are no longer willing to submit to unrealistic beauty standards.  And companies are starting to take note.

1 min read

What the symbols on your make-up products really mean

We see them but we don’t always understand what they mean.

2 min read

Quick DIY 2-ingredient face masks to try today

Make your own face masks using only two ingredients that you may already have at home.

2 min read

Why you should thrift instead of shopping fast fashion

As trash continues to overflow our landfills, thrift shopping is no longer just a fashion choice but the responsible one as well.

2 min read

Tribal Tattoos: Overdone or Underappreciated?

The value of tribal tattoos does not start and end at aesthetics alone; its true value is in its history and diversity.

2 min read

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Looking Your Best

If the vast sea of makeup tutorials on YouTube were to be believed, we’d all be spending hours in a day just getting ready to leave the house.

2 min read

For a quick fashion fix, it’s all about the colour combinations

If you didn’t sleep through art class, you’d know primary, secondary, and tertiary colours. But how does it relate to fashion?

1 min read

Is the capsule wardrobe a solution to your bursting closet?

You may say you have nothing to wear but the condition of your wardrobe proves otherwise.

1 min read

5 traditional fashion accessories for a modern sense of style

Impress everyone with these traditionally-inspired Sabahan accessories!