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5 traditional fashion accessories for a modern sense of style

Impress everyone with these traditionally-inspired Sabahan accessories!

It’s trending! Spring 2018 fashion looks that’ll glam you up

From pop-out colours to pastels and prints, it’s certainly a season of fashion.

Looking for your next #OOTD? Get some fall inspiration here

For those of us keeping up with fashion trends, summer’s long gone. We’ve said goodbye to bikinis and sleeveless tops for the next few months because it’s all about fall. Although it’s a bit of a challenge to style up in the brisk weather (or […]

If you’re off for a snowy holiday, check out these winter trends

So you’re heading off for a cold and wintry year-end getaway, but need to stay in trend. You’ve got nothing to fear, because we’ve got this season’s winter trends covered. That’s right, read on and find inspiring ideas to stay warm (yet cool!) with these […]

Beat the Blues: Monday Outfits to Keep You in Style

Just the word “Monday” makes many of us sigh. Seriously, the Monday blues are simply painful. Admit it or not, the last thing we like to hear is the alarm on a Monday morning signaling the beginning of a new work week. But hey, don’t […]

The T-Shirt: How this staple fashion piece came to life

Can you imagine everyday life without your T-shirt? How would that even look like? The T-shirt has undeniably become an integral part of our culture. From everyday people like us to star-studded celebrities, we all wear it! Its influence has spread across countries and continents and […]

DIY Fashion: Give your closet a makeover with 3 great ideas!

Are you bored of that plain old t-shirt or looking to experiment with your washed-out jeans?  Well, the sky’s the limit when you DIY! Adding your own touch and creating DIY fashion is currently in trend, and we’re going crazy over it too. It totally […]

Hey K-Pop fans, check out these Korean fashion tips to keep you in style

Korean fashion may be the inspiration for K-Pop fans, but who’s to say we can’t try our hand at it too? We all know that our Korean friends have a flair for style and a sense of taste. So if you want to channel your inner Korean, […]

The Perfect Lip Colour For Your Zodiac

What’s the perfect lip colour for your Zodiac sign? We did the research and compiled our findings for you!  Check out the following and discover the right shade that suits your personality and astrological sign. How to Pick the Perfect Lip Colour For Your Zodiac […]

Get your spook on! Best Halloween Costumes 2017

Your search for the most terrifying Halloween costume ends here! Forget pumpkin spice lattes and Disney Princess costumes. 2017 is all about creepy clowns and superheroes. In the midst of record-breaking blockbuster movies like It and the latest installment of the epic Game of Thrones series, […]