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Wait, what? Some weird uses of artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has been steadily increasing over the last few years.

What’s going on with data privacy these days?

If you think posting your entire life on social media is wise, you may want to think again.

This week’s discoveries: why babies kick and wet planets

From essential oils to climate change, it’s been a pretty busy week for science.

Evaluate all risks when trading digital currency

Bank Negara Malaysia is reminding Malaysians that digital currency is not legal tender in the country.

5 Cool Google Tricks for a Boring Day

If you say you’ve never used Google, we simply wouldn’t believe you.

Silence please, this is the world’s quietest room

Have you ever wondered how blood flowing in your body sounds like? Step into Microsoft’s quiet room.

Our 5 must-have mobile apps to help you stay on track

Looking for a technology-friendly start to the year? These mobile apps are here to make life just a little easier.

Hello, humans! Meet some of the world’s friendliest animals

Did you know that some animals are not just cordial, but are super friendly? We all know that the entire animal kingdom is full of amphibians, predators, creepy crawlies and leeches. But, there are also many creatures who are kind, gentle and would altogether make […]

7 Reasons Why Going Green is Good for You

“Go Green!”  That’s a popular phrase that we hear almost every day, whether it is in the news, TV commercials or web, this going green phenomenon has simply landed on our laps — and it isn’t going anywhere. From the reduction of chemical products to […]